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Sep 15, 2008 04:06 PM

Invited 6 couples over for a party Saturday night. Want to do heavy hors d'oeurves and dessert. Please share with me your favorite recipes!


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  1. my friend and I just made an appetizer for our friends bachlorette party and they were a hit.

    i'm not sure if "crostini" is the appropriate word for these, but I think it is.

    anyways, slice a baguette and layer slices on a baking sheet. (we used multigrain baguette)

    now you have 3 options to choose from - all are delish, variety is probably good.

    option 1 - caprese
    spread pesto, then basil leaf, then fresh mozzarella slice, then tomato slice

    option 2 - hummus
    spread Trader Joe's white bean & basil hummus (or your favorite hummus), top with an arugala leaf, then sharp cheddar

    option 3 - mustard & avocado
    spread with whole grain mustard, then avocado slice, then havarti (or your fav cheese)

    baked til all cheese are melted

    I just came up another one :-) ....

    option 4
    spread with whole grain mustard, top with thinly sliced granny smith apple, then a piece of crispy bacon (you can omit this if you are vegetarian), top with white cheddar cheese

    Also - get thee to a Trader Joe's or Costco and pick up some raspberry & brie filled philo dough appetizers - bake & serve - super easy and super yummy!

    a popular one my SIL likes to make is a huge brick of pepper jack cheese (from costco) wrapped in biscuit dough and baked til cheese melty inside - top with apricot preserves - this is a little messy, but extremely filling and ALWAYS a big hit - serve with butter crackers

    another good one is a layered mexican dip w/ tortilla chips - very filling (if its too much you could also just mix a can of refried beans & a jar of salsa and call it a dip)
    layer refried beans into a trifle bowl, layer with sliced green onions, then spread with sour cream & cream cheese that has been blended together in a food processor, then gucamole and shredded cheese

    pigs in a blanket - beef or turkey hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough and baked

    stuffed mushrooms (combination of parm cheese & breadcrumbs OR same with some crab meat too)

    sweet potato & red onion baked quesadillas w/ cilantro sour cream (these are a BIG hit too!)
    INGREDIENTS for quesadillas
    shredded mozzarella & cheddar cheeses
    whole wheat tortillas
    sweet potatoes, baked and chopped into small chunks
    red onion, chopped

    DIRECTIONS for quesadillas
    layer whole wheat tortillas onto a baking sheet
    bake sweet potatoes until soft
    sautee red onions and set aside
    please some sweet potatoes & onions on 1 half of each tortilla - cover in cheese
    fold tortillas over and bake til melted through - cut into 4ths, serve with cilantro sour cream (recipe follows)

    INGREDIENTS for cilantro sour cream
    container of sour cream
    bunch of cilantro
    1 garlic clove, salt & pepper

    DIRECTIONS for cilantro sour cream
    place all ingredients in a food processor and blend til mixed through - serve cold w/ the quesadillas

    for dessert I would do a pretty fruit salad and maybe a trifle or something

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      These are awesome suggestions!! Thank you so much!

    2. I like tortilla espanoal. It's best served at room temperature. So it's great to do for company as you can make it ahead of time. There are tons of recipes on the net. I use a recipe by Penelope Casas. But here's one on epicurious.

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      1. I'm a seafood and specifically shellfish fan so I would be doing pruschutto wrapped shrimp that was marinated in oilve oil and garlic and rosemary and Bacon wrapped scallops or water chestnuts.

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          Your bacon wrapped scallops reminds me of Suzanne Goin's bacon wrapped parmesan dates. Super simple and always a hit.

        2. Miniature chicken/beef satay - two bite size pieces of chicken/beef skewered on those hors d'oeurves picks. Simple marinade: ginger, garlic, soy sauce, scallions, brown sugar, sesame oil (optional), dash of vinegar. For quick and easy fix, simply pansear/panfry/bake the meats and then, thread it to skewer. You can serve it with store bought sauce, or peanut sauce.

          Fried Eggrolls or Cold Ricepaper rolls or Assorted Dumplings - the filling can be anything you like. Light to heavy.

          Puff Pastry - you can buy a couple box of these. Cut it to different shapes. Fill/ top it with different fillings. Savory as carmelized mushrooms and onions. Goat cheese and roasted red pepper. Olives and toasted pine nuts. Or sweet, carmelized apple with cinnamon. Berries, etc.

          Panfried Mac and Cheese - sinful but yum!! :) Make ahead your favorite Mac and Cheese - but it has to be those that is dense. Cut to squares or triangles, dip in eggs mixture, roll on bread crumb (panko is great), deep fry or panfry.

          Baked mini crabcakes - patties can be shaped few hours ahead. Just dip and roll like Mac and Cheese - slide to 375 degree oven.

          Baked mini croquettes - many variations of this. But you can never go wrong with mashed potato, chives/dill, chopped up ham. Mix it with egg for binding and panfry until crispy both sides. You can spoon (or use piping bag and tube) some red-peppered jelly as garnish on top of croquttes.

          Have Fun!! :)

          1. roasted pecans. Melt some butter and add your favorite salt. Put half in a bowl with your favorite salt, and toss in half the pecans. Swish around until the pecans are coated. Put onto a sheet pan. Put the remaining butter in the same bowl and add some cayenne pepper. Swish the remaining pecans and put on a separate sheet pan. Roast in the oven until the tops are beginning to become golden, and flip the nuts. Cook until just crispy. I have made these at many oven temps; other items determine what that temp is.

            Something about these nuts is addicting, yet, they are so easy to make.