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Sep 15, 2008 03:25 PM

MSP - New Locations...

Popped by Bombay 2 Deli for curries and samosa to feed my hungry bandmates grinding away in the recording studio all weekend. Everything was insanely delicious (and cheap) as usual, but i was a bit saddened to have the owner inform me that they were closing that location in early October.

Sad news indeed...

But fear not, fellow hounds and lovers of all things curried!!!
They will be reopening in a new skyway location downtown this winter... Not the best news but certainly not the worst!!

On a not so related note, I was informed by a friend who recently took a new restaurant management position, that the owners of Al Vento's new project will be opening at the end of the month in the old Giorgio space... I believe he said September 22nd was the goal.

Awesome!! It will be a welcome turn of events to have another non-Parasole restaurant Uptown, and if it's anything like Al Vento i will be very pleased to say the least!

Now if we could just get an awesome NY style-meets-gourmet/local-pizza-by-the-slice-joint to fill the void of Uptown Rotisserie, i would feel better about my constantly inflating rent... I'm thinking somewhere between what the Rotisserie was mixed with Galactic Pizza, open late and by the slice...

chow on.

Bombay 2 Deli [Closed - May Reopen in Different Place]
1840 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Al Vento
5001 34th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55417

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  1. I almost forgot... the owner of Bombay 2 said she is taking orders for samosas before they close.. she claims that they are just as good out of the freezer and into the oven...

    I would definitely buy a dozen to keep the blustery November winds at bay!

    1. This is very VERY sad news. IT's been 3 amazing years being their frequent customer and i must say it's actually the most humble place to be to eat great home made food and also the girls behind the counter are phenomenal:) we're gonna miss them dearly on central avenue.

      if now has ever tried their food, go check them out this weekend!

      where ever they go they will have success! i'm sure of that:)

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      1. re: angle3

        does this mean they are actually closing after this weekend?

        1. re: jsyx

          i think its their last weekend. Hurry up!

          1. re: angle3

            Stopped by Bombay 2 Deli for the (gasp) first time today, and the raves are certainly well deserved. we had the idli vadah, samosa chaat and bhel puri which were all excellent and brought home dinner of channa and aloo gobi which were both outstanding if very home-styled. The rice was fantastic as were our hot chapati. NE isn't that clost to my new home in st paul, so the move isnt likely to affect my frequency of consuming their delicious food, but i thought i could clarify some questions asked in this thread based on what we heard from the woman who served us who was quite clearly the owner.

            This is the last weekend, but i think they are open through (until?) wednesday, so if you dont make it tomorrow there are still a few days left (even after eating lunch and dinner there today i am tempted to make a trip back)

            The skyway location will not be open evenings or weekends - i think she said M-F 10-4. Restaurateur's dream hours. She also indicated they will start serving several non-veg curries each day seemingly to increase their draw to a more downtown and less NE audience. I really hope they can keep the quality and authenticity factors high as the business makes some pretty fundamental changes.

      2. Does anyone know if the skyway location of Bombay 2 Deli will be open for dinner? I'll admit that I don't get up to the Central Ave location as often as I'd like because I always think of going on Monday or Tuesday when they're closed. Since I don't work downtown I fear I'll never get to the skyway location, especially if they're only open for lunch.

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        1. re: katebauer

          i work in downtown and majority of the food courts closes at 4-5pm. but i dont know the bombay 2 deli times yet. hopefully they'll figure something with all those late tv dinners i call it!

          1. re: angle3

            Off topic, I know-but does anyone know where the Rotisserie relocated to?