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Sep 15, 2008 03:21 PM

12 trainees "quintessential NYC dinner"?

My company brings trainees into NJ for training seasonally, and into NYC for one night. Normally they've taken them to Carmine's in Times Square, but my boss is open for something else if I have a better idea. Budget around $50-60 not counting drinks. She wants it to be "a quintessential NYC place"...I'd love to do Otto and their group menu looks budget-friendly, but I welcome all suggestions. This will be the first trip to NYC for many of these recent college grads. Total party size will be 12-14.

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  1. I think Otto would be great for a group that size, especially that age and the price is in line with your budget. I also think Blue Smoke would work well for the group.

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      Otto is more quintessential NYC I would think. NYC is only just beginning to form a "BBQ scene"!

    2. There is a restaurant in Union Square called Blue Water Grill. It has been around for forever and I think Sex and City was filmed there at one point. Good seafood and great scene as it is in the middle on Union Square. Not sure of pricing though. May be slightly higher than you want to spend.

      1. Otto is great; Lupa would be too.

        1. how about gramercy tavern ? good food, and also a classic nyc place

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            Budget around $50-60 not counting drinks? For dinner? Not possible in the GT dining room (prix fixe starts at $82), and it's gonna be hard to do 12-14 in either the Tavern Room or the Dining Room. They have a *single* round table for 8 in the main dining room. For groups larger than that, they can only accommodate you in the private dining room.

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              Good point kathryn, I was thinking of the Tavern Room...