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Getty Restaurant for dinner?

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Hello 'hounders,
Just had lunch at the Getty Restaurant on Saturday. Was definitely impressed with the lunch menu. Our food, drinks, dessert and server were all spot on. I am vegetarian, so I was glad to find they had options for me as well. I think this would also make a great special occasion dinner spot. Can anyone comment? thanks!

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  1. On a clear day -- or at sunset, you can't beat the view.

    1. I believe the Getty is open for dinner only on Friday and Saturday evenings. Now that the sun is setting earlier, it could really be an impressive, fun destination evening. I hate to ring the same bell again, but can't any of the geniuses at getty.org get it together to post some menus with prices on their website? All of the feedback I've read about the Restaurant is positive; you'd think they'd want to publicize it.

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        I think it might have dropped to only Saturday for dinner (the museum just cut back it's hours), call to check. The menu is seasonal, so it changes. No idea why it's not publicized -- don't tell, but here's the latest...


        Weiser Farms Potato and Celery Soup
        Crispy Prosciutto and Micro Celery
        Alaskan King Crab Legs
        Spicy Cocktail Sauce and Cucumber Tartar
        Windrose Farms Baby Lettuces
        Tamai Farm Beets, Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese, Candied Walnuts and Vanilla Balsamic Vinaigrette
        Ahi Tuna Tataki
        White Anchovies, Capers and Ponzu Sauce
        Dungeness Crab Cakes
        Cilantro-Lime Aioli, Avocado, Endive and Breakfast Radish
        Grapes, Melon and Smoked Ham
        Baby Greens, Brie Crostini and Lemon Vinaigrette
        Crispy Sweetbreads
        Corn Puree, Bacon, Watercress and Lobster Broth
        La Belle Farms Foie Gras
        Dinosaur Egg Plum Compote, Toasted Brioche and Plum Salad


        Butternut Squash, Leeks and Wild Rice Risotto
        Mascarpone Cheese, Golden Raisins, Basil, Tarragon and Four Spice Cream
        Pacific Bouillabaisse
        Fried Polenta Cake, Pistou, Chorizo and Saffron
        Prosciutto Wrapped Diver Scallops
        Whipped Potatoes, Chanterelle Mushrooms, Haricot Vert and Brown Butter Sauce
        Alaskan Silver Salmon
        Heirloom Bean Ragout, Baby Squash, Cherry Tomatoes and Roasted Garlic Jus
        Colorado Lamb “Three Ways”-Chop, Osso, Loin
        Eggplant and Parmesan Stack, Vegetable Couscous and Mint Pesto
        Prime New York Steak and Gorgonzola Mac
        Asparagus, Baby Carrots and Horseradish Cream
        Kurobuta Pork Chop
        Braised Savoy Cabbage, Bermuda Onions, Roasted Peewee Potatoes,
        Honey-Crisp Apple Relish and Stone-Ground Mustard Aioli
        Five-Spice Muscovy Duck Breast
        Broccoli Rabe, Shiitake Mushrooms, Mashed Yams and Plum Wine Sauce

      2. Enjoyed a perfect dinner there in early July, and it was overcast, but the food made up for it. The scallops and vegetables were excellent, the Honig sav. blanc excellent. Can't remember each dish, but we were pleasantly surprised. The waiter answered our questions and seemed to be able to sense what we wanted/didn't want. The menu is seasonal, and yes, it should be available online somewhere. Maybe one could call and have the hostess read the menu over the phone - it's not long. Just my opinion, but the bread should be better.

        1. Yes, I agree with everyone else---its a fantastic spot and completely underrated for "Oh Wow" moments. I've not been there for several years, but the food was spectacular.

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            The Getty is delish for dinner, although you don't get the great view that is available in the afternoon.