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Sep 15, 2008 03:13 PM

Ruth's Chris in Mississauga

What can we expect at Ruth's Chris steakhouse in Mississauga this Friday evening?

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  1. Excellen location, great staff, nice atmosphere and of course...sizzling steak!!!

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    1. re: sylvrgirl

      crab cake app is a good deal, avoid steak and go for chops! share sides...

    2. I can't stand the place personally, but it seems to have a loyal following

      1. Steak and butter. Order your steak less done than you normally would, since the "sizzle" can overcook your meat by the time you finish it.

        It tastes like steak. In butter. They use good quality meat in general, and the end product is of a reasonable, reliable quality. It is by no means the best steak in the world (or even Toronto), but it tastes fine. I've found the service to be attentive (and, again, I've never had any problems).

        While it's not my type of place, I've never had a disappointing experience. You may find that a lot of people here bash it, and, in some cases, they have a good reason to. I don't, so I won't.

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        1. re: tjr

          Any chance a non-beef eater would be enjoy the place ? I live down the street but have avoid CR since I eat everything but beef.

          1. re: Rishiboy

            meat or just beef? they have other i said before...for the amount of fresh crab the crab cake app is a great deal...better deal than the crab cake main...

            1. re: Rishiboy

              Unfortunately, the only thing I've ever eaten there were the steaks. I've heard good things about the stuffed chicken from others, but I've never tried it myself, and it doesn't look that appealing to me.