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Sep 15, 2008 02:03 PM

Apple Picking in New England

Where's the best place to go? I like Lymans in Middlefield but they can get very crowded. Looking to take a weekend drive somewhere different. Thanks, Richie

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  1. I am in Maine, I go to Thompson's Orchards in New Gloucester, ME. They have a website, They even make their own homemade doughnuts (and whoopie pies, apple dumplings) there and they are wonderful!! Nothing like a warm pumpkin or apple cider doughnut with some of their fresh cider! Good place, come check it out.

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      Norway Hill in Hancock, New Hampshire has a great view of Mt. Monadnock and Hancock is a cute town. You can then have lunch at Fiddleheads Cafe in Hancock, visit the Farmer's Market at the church in Hancock on Saturday mornings or drive over to Peterborough for a walk around Depot Square. The leaves are starting to turn now...

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        Moore's Orchard in Pomfret Vt is by far the best picking anywhere.. it's rustic, with none of the "petting zoo" noise you find at other places. They've got a ton of varieties (none of them marked, but ask them and they'll direct you to whatever you want, plus wandering about tasting is a ton of fun!) and the town is beautiful. Close to Woodstock for your daily dose of touristy stuff. It's a real country experience. Their farmstand has all of the regular stuff too, pre-picked apples, maple syrup, fresh pressed cider, squash, pumpkins, etc. Check it out, you'll get hooked!

      2. Each year (and this will be no exception) we go to Blue Jay Orchards in Bethel, CT. I can't tell you if it is the best in New England. I can just say that we like it. Visit for more info.

        1. just went to holmberg orchards in Gales Ferry CT. We picked raspberries, peaches, nectarine, and of course...apples. Loved the place and the shop was cute, even had a pear wine and hard cider tasting...yum yum

          1. We love Belltown hills orchard in Glastonbury. Beautiful setting and they offer hot lunch items plus the most fabulous fresh baked goodies. The pies are amazing, the best around plus they have hot apple fritters etc.

            1. Nashoba Winery and Orchards, in Bolten Ma. is great. they have some nice events/festivals and a great restaurant - J's. And some great spirits to try and buy.