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Sep 15, 2008 01:44 PM

brattleboro mexican

New mexican where Dhaba used to be
Anyone been??

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  1. I've been kind of keeping my eye on that place, but I'm not even sure if it's open yet. The sign outside has gone from bright, to faded out (as if there's something over it?). I really wish there were a real Mexican restaurant around here... or a Greek one, a Turkish one, a Vietnamese one, or even a decent Italian one! It's a crying shame.

    1. Yes, we went this weekend for lunch. Its not Mexican but Tex-Mex. I expected it to be Tex-Mex but, still, I was disappointed that it wasn't Mexican.

      There are some things about it that I liked and many things that I didn't.

      Service: Really friendly and nice and attentive, but it was only us and one other table.

      Menu: Tex-Mex, so your basic fajita, chimichanga, taco, burrito, enchilada fare - think On The Border wannabe. I really like all the options for customizing your plate with flavored sour creams, several salsas and several different side options besides just rice and beans.

      Pricing: A little on the steep side for lunch, but its possible that the menu is the same for lunch and dinner. I didn't think to ask. $12 fajita and taco platters.

      Decor: Bright and colorful. Lots of TVs, so it gave me a sports bar feeling.

      The chicken fajitas were good actually. Shredded beef tacos, okay but nothing special. The rice and beans were the blandest things I've ever eaten. Salt wouldn't even have begun to fix the problem. Also, they were put under a salamander and the beans came out with dry crusty spots and they were already the consistency of paste glue to begin with. I ordered the "hot" salsa verde and it was mild. Very mild.

      My margarita was nice, a little on the sweet side, but only $4.50.

      Basically, I'm going to give it another month and then try again. But, even with improvement, it won't be my "go to" place. I prefer La Carretta in Keene.

      1. I went with co-workers last week and had a similar experience to Bri's. The plates seemed overpriced and the food and salsas were relatively bland. The setting was OK, kind of hokey but the service was what would be expected when there's only one other table. This does not fill the gap in Brattleboro for decent Mexican/Tex-Mex food.