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Sep 15, 2008 01:35 PM

Has anyone else ever tried Little Tony's?

Hi all,

Wanted to share a possibly little-known hidden gem called LITTLE TONY'S. It is probably the best pizza I have ever eaten. It is located on Weston Rd between Jane and Lawrence, and is the best tasting thin crest i have ever eaten. I recommend their Hawaiian, but their pepperoni is amazing, tastes like pepperoni shoulld, and their sauce is incredibly "tomato-y".

Anyone else ever tried it? Agree, disagree?

thanks, JC

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  1. Can you comment on their oven or cheese by any chance, i know it sounds like an odd question, but I'm also on the hunt for some top notch pizza

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      Stone Oven, methinks...cheese is mozza, but GOOOOD mozza. Their sauce is just amazing...taken that these are merely opinions...

    2. Hey, do you know if they are permanently closed now? I used to order from them every Saturday (with Hockey Night in Canada). I no longer live in the area, but even 20 some odd years later, I remember that pizza. The pepperoni was the smaller variety that was crispy on the ends and the cheese, was so so tasty. And so was the sauce. I loved that sauce so much I always asked for extra on top (something I have not done since with any other pizza). God, they were good. I am sad to see they have closed. But am hoping someone from the area, knows more, as I always wanted to come back up to that part of town, just for that pizza.