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Sep 15, 2008 01:29 PM

Bachelorette Dinner in SF?

We're looking for a nice place for dinner with good food and good atmosphere. Any suggestions? Saturday night place? Thanks!!

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  1. It would be helpful to know how many people. Are you looking for a private dining room/section option? Any cuisine preferences, price per person?

    1. Sorry for 3 girls. Nothing big. But pricing isn't too much of a big deal if it's a really neat place! We don't need a private area...

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        Can you provide some additional info - do you all live in the city? If not, coming from where? Looking for dinner, "neat place", or action? Will you be staying in the city or returning elsewhere? Do you like to drink? If so, wine or booze? All of these should be taken into consideration when making a recommendation.

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          We're staying in the city. We're flying in Friday so we wanted to find a nice place that had a good atmosphere, like good music, food, & wine! We do enjoy our cocktails! Sunday we're spending the day in Napa. We leave Monday. Thanks for all of your help!

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            I would go to El Mansour!
            A fun, YUMMY, Moroccan restaurant in the Outer Richmond!

        1. This is a really difficult question, even with your qualifications. It is hard to imagine what you'd think of as a cool place without some more information as to what you find cool...


          Laiola is where I would think to send you first.


          are all also probably good bets.

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            I'll put these down. Have you all heard of BacarSF? How is that?

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                  Last time I went to bacar was a couple of years ago-- different owner/chef. The winelist was awesome and the space was very very nice. Dunno about its current iteration -- I've heard differing opinions.