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Sep 15, 2008 01:09 PM

Looking for nice dinner spot in Keene, NH

We'll be staying in Keene for a Friday night at the end of this month and looking for a nice place for dinner. We're open minded on types of cuisine. Also, no budget considerations. Recs anyone?

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  1. If you want to stay in Keene proper, we really like Luca's in downtown Keene.

    A litte further north in Walpole is Burdick's Restaurant which is a bit fancier/pricier than Luca's if money is no object. Plus, you can bring home some of their lovely and unique chocolates.

    Hope this helps.

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    1. re: Tedmom

      We would like to stay in Kenne proper I think. Thanks for the rec. Any others out there?

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        I dined at Burdick's a few weeks ago .... truly worth the drive. Far surpasses anything in Keene for cuisine and atmosphere.

    2. Whatever happened to Nicola's?

      1. Nicholas Trattoria is another good spot. It's on the square (rotary) in downtown Keene. I find it a bit pricey for Keene. Luca's is also a good suggestion.

        1. Luca's is one of my favorite places in Keene (which I visit often). There's also Michele's, which is also on Main Street—Italian influenced "California" cuisine, which is very good.
          Check out The Works for baked goods, Prime Roast for coffee, and Bad Dawgs if you want a hot dog for some reason. Oh, and there's a taco joint (not the Mexican restaurant) on Main Street that's pretty good. And Timoleon's for breakfast, if you want to stay in town. For a "higher end" lunch, check out the Stage.
          There are also two candy stores that are worth a visit—Ye Olde Goodie Shoppe at the Colony Mill and Life is Sweet on Main St.

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            I still miss Martino's! They only had about 8 items on their menu and a couple of specials every night - but it was always good! Never had a bad meal there and I was eating there when it was on West Street! I like Micheles - I had a great meal there on News Year Eve. I prefer Timoleans over the Stage for breakfast. For a decent burger and a beer - check out the Brew Pub in the Colony Mill.

          2. As a Keene native, I must recommend Nicola's over Luca's-- Burdick's can be great but I've also had some bad experiences there-- sometimes bad service, sometimes bad food. Nicola's (and Nicola himself) is 100%. Beer at Elm City is great too if there's a game on....I find Timoleon's gross (prefer Lindy's) and Bad Dawgs has closed. ;)

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              I second Nicola's and Lindy's.