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Sep 4, 2003 07:12 PM

In Search of the Elusive Bone Marrow

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Hi There You Food Adventurers!
I am in search of Bone Marrow. Is this a futile journey in the County of Los Angeles? What I have in mind is this: bone marrow that has been roasted in the bone and split in half and some crunchy bread. Thats it. Anyone know of a place?

Thanks So Much....

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  1. Josie had something very much like that on one our visits which I had as an appetizer.

    Josies 2424 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica.

    1. Does anyone know or have a butcher they like in West LA who will sell them marrow bones to use for broth?

      1. Have you tried the resident butcher at Whole Foods, Gelson's, Bristol Farms and Wild Oats?

        1. Pretty much any of the larger Latin supermarkets will have beef marrow soup bones, like El Colmao in N. Hollywood, but there's tons.

          1. The original comment has been removed