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Sep 15, 2008 12:25 PM

San Diego-Sheraton Hotel & Marina

Hi all! I have a week long conference in San Diego starting Monday and I'm staying at the hotel listed above. We only have one night for dinner on our own and I'm definitely going with JRDN, especially after reading all the great stuff here!

My real question is, are there any casual places near by to get something quick when I'm sick of hotel food? I LOVE sushi, but anything "healthy" will do. (Think salads, an organic cafe, etc.) Take out would be even better! I can take a taxi, but for something like this I wouldn't mind walking. I'm very active, so anything under a mile away and a safe walk is fine with me.


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  1. Debbie, you have almost described Tender Greens to a "T"! They are down the road in the Liberty Station shopping center. Probably too far for a stroll but a quick, cheap cab ride away.

    When you get there, walk along the full line of items before you decide what to order from the menu overhead. They grill their veggies and the meats that they use to top their salads (Chicken, Flatiron steak, Ahi) have always been cooked perfectly. They also have some tempting, in-house made desserts to finish it all off with.

    I met Ryan, one of the owners, the last time I was by. I told him that I was very pleased with everything I'd tried there and he genuinely seemed to appreciate the feedback.

    1. The best sushi isn't really downtown (see: Sushi Ota in Pacific Beach or Kaito in Encinitas), but the Fish Market has pretty good sushi and it's near you.

      1. These are great suggestions, and definitely worth taking a cab to. But nothing less than a mile away? I'd even make do with a fancy grocery store with a good deli.

        Also, which restaurant is better, Island Prime or JRDN?

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          Yeah there 'taint nothing really that close. I think the closest grocery store is about a good mile away. Island for the view and JRDN for the food.

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            Debbie, the hotel where you are staying is on a man-made island across the highway from the airport. Your hotel is right in the middle of the island (islet, is probably more like it). It's easy to walk around it, but there isn't much in the way of residential or retail amenities within walking distance. If you were in the market to buy a yatch, I could say you were in the right place ;-)

            There are several restaurants on the island. Tom Ham's is on the West end of the island and is pretty mediocre. (Our office does their Xmas luncheon there every year, it's not the greatest). I can't recommend it. The Boat House is between your hotel and Tom Ham's, it's been years since I've eaten there so I have no clue what it's like, but it used to be pretty good and they've been running some lobster specials over the last few years. On the East end of the island is C-Level Lounge and Island Prime. C-Level has one of the best bay views in the city and i'st pretty good for drinks and apps. Meals I've had there have been all over the place, from truly outstanding to what-were-they-thinking. Island Prime is an upscale steak house that generally gets decent reviews but is on the pricey end.

            Cabs are not cheap in San Diego, but you are really close to Liberty Station as LisaSD mentioned above. There are quite a few new places there as well as a wine bar. Technically, you could probably walk from your hotel down to the first shopping center (across from the Admiral Kidd Club), but it would be a long walk, and Harbor Drive is a really big, super busy street, so I'm not so sure how comfortable you'd be doing that. You're in an area that isn't particularly well served by the trolley or San Diego's not-so-rapid transit. Most of the traffic on and off the island is by car. Talk to the concierge when you check in, s/he may be able to help you locate the nearest grocery store and tell you the easiest way to get there and back.

            Good luck, enjoy your stay.

          2. Yeah, Dining Diva is probably right about cabs soooo since it sounds like you need to take a cab, not matter what...I just thought I'd mention that Tender Greens is located directly behind Trader Joe's. This is one of the largest Trader Joe's I've ever been to and they will have a good variety of breads, snacks, salads, etc. that you can take for another night (assuming you have a little fridge in your room). They also have a Von's at the other end of the complex. Lunchmeats, cheeses, etc.

            P.S. I love C-level lounge and think you'll enjoy it. Open up the pocketbook real wide for that one!

            Enjoy your visit!

            1. There is a Trader Joe's at Liberty Station. It is a walk, but not impossible. Nicer grocery than the Vons on Rosecrans.

              If you walk a little farther along the bay, Point Loma Seafoods is good and casual-only open until 6 pm.