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Sep 15, 2008 12:03 PM

Scotch Eggs?

I've had the craving for a while. And now I'm desperate.
Any ideas where I can find scotch eggs downtown or in the west end?

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  1. Jacu, the only place I've had one recently was BMO field, during a Toronto FC game.
    I used to get them pre-made at a british/scottish food store near us, but that has long since gone out of business.

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    1. re: wookert

      Now I have a reason to go to BMO year.
      The craving persists.

    2. did a quick google because i swear i saw it on a menu recently but perhaps i'm thinking of welsh rarebit instead.... and came up with nothing that i originally had thought of and only found: abbot on the hill

      i would call as i didn't find a menu but many reviews stating a scotch egg as a menu item.

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        1. re: mrbozo

          i do know the difference, but sort of categorize them into the same area - old school beer food.

          now that robgm mentions it... it's the brazen head where i saw the scotch egg, i was thinking i might have seen it at crush. but if anyone is looking for welsh rarebit you can get that at crush!

      1. avoid the brazen head version!

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I've seen them only in the east end at Main and Danforth at Grumble's Deli, just south of Main Subway station. I believe the chef is of Scottish descent.