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Scotch Eggs?

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I've had the craving for a while. And now I'm desperate.
Any ideas where I can find scotch eggs downtown or in the west end?

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  1. Jacu, the only place I've had one recently was BMO field, during a Toronto FC game.
    I used to get them pre-made at a british/scottish food store near us, but that has long since gone out of business.

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      Now I have a reason to go to BMO Field...next year.
      The craving persists.

    2. did a quick google because i swear i saw it on a menu recently but perhaps i'm thinking of welsh rarebit instead.... and came up with nothing that i originally had thought of and only found: abbot on the hill

      i would call as i didn't find a menu but many reviews stating a scotch egg as a menu item.

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          i do know the difference, but sort of categorize them into the same area - old school beer food.

          now that robgm mentions it... it's the brazen head where i saw the scotch egg, i was thinking i might have seen it at crush. but if anyone is looking for welsh rarebit you can get that at crush!

      1. avoid the brazen head version!

        1. I've seen them only in the east end at Main and Danforth at Grumble's Deli, just south of Main Subway station. I believe the chef is of Scottish descent.

          1. Thanks, everyone!
            Never heard of the Brazen Head. Where is it?
            And welsh rarebit at crush - how interesting!

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              Brazen Head is located in Liberty Village. Its right next to Atelier Thuet.

              Nice pub, decent food. Can be quite busy.

            2. i am not sure why my posts keep getting deleted, but the brazen head pub's scotch eggs are the worst, don't go there for them. all the food there is mediocre, the menu is written brilliantly but executed poorly, and service is bad, i mean really bad, you get ignored if you are actually noticed by the server....but other than my rant, the scotch eggs are cold, old and really unpleasant...

              1. The Fionn MacCools on Adelaide (between University and York) serves Scotch eggs, and although I'm not a Scotch Egg expert I think they're pretty darn good.

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                  fionn, brazen head, biermarkt, mill st and a few others are owned by the same corp i believe (all the logos line the bottom of each others websites) so they are likely to have some menu cross over.