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Sep 15, 2008 11:56 AM

Kid friendly SF

Will be in SF 9/20-9/23 with wife and two kids (ages 2 & 6). Staying @ 900 N. Point (new Fairmont Ghirardelli Square). Need all suggestions out there for kid friendly restaurants: breakfast, lunch & dinner.

1. No chains please!
2. Does not have to be kid oriented per say. . .just interesting enough/busy enough/loud enough to hold our kid's attention without us being intrusive or annoying to other dinners.
3. Public transportation accessible is a plus but we will have a car.
4. My kids love to eat. . .no boundaries as far as ethnic food etc (cool dim sum, a great local pizza place, fresh local flavors all ring true)
5. No price restriction. . .would like to go out for at least one nice early family dinner.
6. Walking distance for breakfast
7. A staff that knows how to please families

Help us come up with a Chow-friendly/Kid friendly agenda for our whole trip!



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  1. Where did you end up going? We are in the same situation - staying at the same place with two little ones.

    Appreciate any suggestions.