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Sep 15, 2008 11:42 AM

Informal meal around Fleet St, London

I will be going for a meal with some work colleagues next week, and we would like somewhere which is reasonable price-wise and which is informal.

There will be about 8 -10 of us, and we will eat food from any country. A couple of them are veggies and it needs to be walkable from Fleet St.

I have searched the boards, but can't find anything which seems to fit the bill - any ideas out there?

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  1. Leon, at Ludgate Circus. Stone's throw from Fleet St. Informal and caters for veggies too.

    1. I've only been to the Leon at Spitalfields Market but it was terrible. I had the Avocado & Bacon Superfoods Salad (£5) - the avocado was hard as a rock - underripe is an understatement! Also, their policy of serving everything in take away containers - even for eat-in - is appalling packaging and waste-wise. It was a depressing experience opening up a brown cardboard carton to be confronted with a half-empty box of sorry looking salad with 2 slices of inedible avocado.

      There's a Wagamama on Fleet Street which would satisfy your 3 requirements: price, informal and veggie options, but Wagamama isn't exactly the most inspiring!

      Has anyone eaten at Ye Old Cheshire Cheese? Nice place to have a pint but don't personally know the food.

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        Thanks for the suggestions so far, but I think maybe I wasn't very clear - when I say informal, I mean not fancy or too formal. Leon and Wagamama are both a bit too informal and hectic fast food type places. I was after either a pub which does decent food, but isn't too loud, or a restaurant which serves good food at reasonable prices - any cuisine is fine, from British to Italian to SE Asian. The main thing is that we will want somewhere where we can relax and socialise after a long meeting.

        Not sure about Ye Old Cheshire Cheese - it gets mixed reviews and seems to be more of a tourist type place. As we're all Londoners (well, sort of - I've long since flown the nest and am just down for the night, but the rest of the group live there), we don't necessarily need to be somewhere quaint, if you get my drift!

        1. re: Theresa

          The White Swan in Fetter Lane used to be good. Haven't been for years though.

      2. I'd second the White Swan. Office used to be around the corner, and it was our usual watering hole. They have a restaurant-y room on the second floor or you could book a table on the ground floor. The ground floor does get really noisy after work.

        Kittycorner to the Swan is a place called Bertorelli. Never been, but it always seems to be doing a swift trade at lunch. Think it's part of a chain -- recall one being on Charlotte Street.

        1. If you're prepared to wander up as far as Farringdon Road, I'd recommend Flaneur - informal, decent-ish food, and nice atmosphere. I've been to a couple of group dinners there and been pretty happy. You could also try some of the places in Smithfield if you were willing to go that far north of Fleet St - Smiths, for example. Or the Bleeding Heart bistro (not the main restaurant) but the more pub like place on Greville St would also be a decent possibility. You'd need to book any of those places for that number of people...

          1. Thanks for all the ideas - The White Swan and the Bleeding Heart sounded just the ticket, but we ended up not going out after our meeting. I'll file them away for future use though.