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Sep 15, 2008 11:07 AM

Lotus of us decide our menu pls!

In the past I have had NO reservation letting the "kitchen" cook for us and letting the expert wait staff pick the wine. And I still do not. But recently I have been reading more and more about those that have not loved what the kitchen prepared. That is not to say it was bad, but more that they have certain favorites that they think are better. We will be a group of 8 this Saturday evening and I am thinking that maybe one of the best ways to proceed is to let all the Chowhounds decide what we eat based upon their personal favorites. Can people list their favorite dishes? I will then take the top 6 dishes and order for the group. The remaining 2-4 will either be decided upon by the group or the kitchen.

Thanks very much in advance for all your help!

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  1. Kai Soi.....I am probably totally butchering the spelling but I know Dave F. will jump in and save me!!

    I like the barbque dishes and the whole steamed fish in ginger. And the tofu salad is very nice if you want something lighter. And of course the sticky rice with mango and coconut "ice cream" for desert....

    1. crispy rice with sour sausage appetizer

      and like Janet said, the sticky rice dessert

      1. I fortunately get the chance to eat about 100 meals a year at LOS, so the favorites can depend upon the mood at the time. But with a party that size I would suggest a whole catfish. They can be done several different ways, based on the particular tastes of your party, but they all bring nice presentations. And either the Spicy Mushroom or Green Chili dips (northern menu) are nice to share around a large table.

        1. I know, I know, you can get a decent papaya salad in a lot of places, but I really like theirs. I also like any of the dishes with the sour sausage. The BBQ prawns are outrageous, but not a sharing dish for a lot of eaters.

          1. LVI, I was sad to hear that you had to send your SW steaks back. Hope the rest of your Vegas vacation was not only profitable but a journey in epicurean delights.

            - Shayla

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              Hey Shayla, nice surprise! I was wondering how the he(( somebody knew that we had to send back 2 steaks! LMAO! I looked for you guys Saturday as I wanted to tell you guys about dinner. Dominic was asking about you guys also! Man, what a character he is! Dinner at SW was so so. It is amazing to me that Vegas as a whole really lacks that consistently good steak house like we are accustomed to here in NYC. Anyway, it was great meeting you and maybe we cross paths again @ the Four Seasons pool. I already miss it!

              1. re: LVI

                Did Dominic provide you with his contact information? I wanted to let him know how wonderful it was meeting him. If so, shoot me an email at

                Where do you go for steak in NYC?
                If your buddy at Scotia is in need of an ambitious and hard working foodie , let me know.