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Sep 15, 2008 10:59 AM

Where do the Chefs Go?

I visit Los Angeles fairly often and I want to know where the hard core late night Chefs go to eat and drink?

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  1. not sure if its true but i have heard they go to places like fred 62 and some ramen shops that are open late

    1. One place that used to be mentioned frequently is Nanbankan Santa Monica Blvd. in WLA.

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        Hi -

        There is an article in the magazine "Food & Wine" (July 08 as I recall) that I just read. The writer is Joel Stein (he is a columnist/humorist for the LA Times and can be seen as a talking head on E channel) -- and he followed Tom Collichio around all night, to a number of restaurants. I think Nobu was on the list, but you should look for that article! Enjoy!

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          That was a total sham article. The places "selected" were't really Tom's choices. They went to places like Bond St and S Bar (both of which the group hated), but they did go to Ruen Pair, which everyone loved. Here's a link to some coverage on Eater LA

          But I also know from talking to some of the people involved with that article...totally choreographed.

          Years and years ago when I was at, I had a feature/list of where some of LA's top toques went. It's very old, but some shout outs to Sushi Gen, Greenblatt's, etc.

          (Here's the radio version from "Good Food"

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            Interesting article (from; thank you for sharing.

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              Years ago, I used to know Ken Frank (of La Toque fame). His favorite after-work spot was Ghengis Cohen on Fairfax!!! I think that most off-duty chefs go to places with stiff drinks and not necessarily stellar food.

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            Nanbankan sure does come up, whenever this topic comes up. It is open late, but I've never seent too many chefs there, and of late, I find it going downhill.

          3. has a "Where the chefs go?" guide from a while back (the author of that piece now writes/edits for Eater LA):