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Sep 15, 2008 10:08 AM

Recommendations of places with 2 small children

We are looking for places that we can enjoy the food and not worry about having a couple of little ones in tow. My wife and I will be traveling to San Francisco this week with our two small children (2 1/2 and 9 months). We will be staying at Fisherman's Wharf as that is where all on my meetings are scheduled. We love seafood, ethnic, etc. We are looking for places that we can enjoy the food and not worry about having a couple of little ones in tow. Are there any can't miss places or markets that you would recommend that we don't normally get to have here in Colorado? We have 4 days out there and a car so we can travel if need be.


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  1. Green's is the vegetarian temple at Fort Mason; good food, killer view of the GG Bridge. They're reasonably mellow about little ones.

    In general, though, Fisherman's Wharf is a bit of a touristy wasteland. Real SF life happens elsewhere. Since you'll have a car I'd encourage you to visit some of the neighborhood gems: Delfina Pizzeria in the Mission, Chapeau in the Richmond. Yank Sing at the Rincon Center is a very Californian twist on dim sum, and is heaven with kids on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

    Something you almost certainly don't have in Colorado is superb, authentic Cambodian. Let me praise to the heavens my favourite SF restaurant, the celestial Angkor Borei on Mission between Cortland and Kingston. Run by what may be the child-friendliest restaurant-owning married couple I have ever met. Try the pan-fried catfish and the red curry prawns. Om nom nom.

    Oh! And brunch at Murray Circle in Marin is just wonderful. They have a kid's tasting menu! And your toddler can run around on the green that looks south to the city. Gorgeous spot.

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      Thanks. We will add your recommendations to our itinerary. Our friends gave us a bunch of places to go but they are not at all kid friendly. We like to travel as a family and enjoy doing and seeing things together. It is a little more of a challenge but they are only young once and why not start them off on the right foot.

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        I do love Yank Sing, if you make it downtown to the Rincon Center location.
        Trying one of the Chinatown stanbys (Great Eastern or Yuet Lee maybe?) would be just fine with kids.

      2. I think most places in SF are kid-friendly. Slanted Door is where I alwyas take out of towners. Great view, awesome modern Vietnamese food. Very well thought out wine list.

        1. I second the recs for Yank Sing & Slanted Door. Dim Sum is always fun for the kids. As for SD, I was there yesterday early evening with dh & we were seated next to a family with the best behaved 8 month old in the world:-) 2 hours & just the tiniest amount of fuss. Actually, there were quite a few families with children of all ages.

          Children or no children, Slanted Door is a very loud place with lots of group dining. Kudos to our server for the most gracious service. We never felt rushed giving us ample time between courses, checking if we needed anything, etc. We had delicious Japanese Yellowtail with crispy shallots & thai basil, green papaya salad with tofu, & hericots verts & mushrooms in roasted chili sauce. For our entrees, dh had the shaking beef which he said was okay & I had the grilled arctic char. While my fish was cooked very well (soft on inside just the way I like it), I felt it was a bit plain & didn't mesh well with the very liquidy ginger soy sauce. Perhaps if the sauce were thicker. Again, a nice dish but not a wow. DH wished he had ordered the caramelized prawns & I wished I had ordered the lamb chops but somehow I just felt like eating fish yesterday! Oh well, next time. Didn't get to try dessert as we were too full, again, next time.

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