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Sep 15, 2008 09:57 AM

Dry Aging Units - Custom Only?

I am curious of any pre-fabricated dry aging coolers are available for commercial purposes. I have a little restaurant where I would want to dry age on my own, preferably with a window display for our guests to view.
I have searced via web and can not find a company who make these units, any help would be great!

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  1. They're pretty much like pre-fab wine cellars or humidors, not so much "dry" as temperature (30 - 35 degrees) and humidity (85%) controlled. Some funky ones are customized, like David Burke's which is lined with Himalayan salt slabs (the salt does act as a dessicant and has antibacterial qualities which are beneficial in that environment -- plus, it looks very cool).

    I suspect most places just have a walk-in built with some precise humidification and very good air circuation.