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Sep 15, 2008 09:43 AM

S.FL: Duck, Duck...Goose!


I love duck.

Where have you had a hound-worthy duck dish?

Dinner, app, salad, taco, dumpling - I don't care.

Will Work For Duck.

Pls advise.



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  1. Favorite was at Talula (don't know if it's still on the menu). Seared duck breast (asian inspired, maybe 5-spice) with peanut butter mashed potatoes. Oh my!

    1. I just had the most amazing duck dish at a new place called Rise Asian Sushi in Boca. I don't remember the name of the dish, but it was roasted, fried and served with a chili sauce. Check it out. The sushi is excellent too.

      1. Gourmet Diner in North Miami always does a very nice simple roast duck, w/ side of roasted potatoes and a vegetable souffle.

        I happened to just mention the roast duck w/ figs, gorgonzola, & lavender at North One 10 in another thread.

        The Pacific Time duck salad is one of Mrs. F's favorites. I believe they also have a duck 2 ways as a main which I've never had.

        Les Halles does a confit leg served over a frisee salad with crispy little brunoise potatoes (dressed with a little truffle oil, natch) which is reliably good (which I cannot say about everything at Les Halles).

        Timo in Sunny Isles used to have a great duck salad on the menu (rosy slices of breast over spinach & red onion in a mustardy dressing) but I think it's not been on the menu for a while. They often have a duck entree as well, but I've found their duck preps to be somewhat hit or miss (sometimes can be too tough).

        I had a very nice green curry duck at Tamarind Thai on Normandy Circle a week or so ago - meant to do a post, we've had some very good meals there recently and the place has been growing on me.

        MGF&D almost always has a duck confit on the menu - it's good, but not one of their standout dishes.

        I was underwhelmed by the roast duck at Hong Kong Noodles (formerly Jumbo on 163rd St).

        1. Michy's usually/always has a nice duck confit served with a frisee salad, quail eggs, and lardons.

          Tropical Chinese has a great peking duck served traditionally; first the crispy skin in pancakes with scallions, cucumber and hoisin, and then also served in a stir-fry w/ onions and peppers.

          David at Chinatopia (hollywood circle) has always done a great crispy fried whole duck.

          Also, we usually order a peking duck salad when at China Grill.

          I know it is asian-centric but it is duck...

          1. The magret de canard at Le Bouchon in the Grove is incredibly good. I believe George's also has a duck dish but I havent tried it yet. The Grove is loaded with Frenchies!