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S.FL: Duck, Duck...Goose!


I love duck.

Where have you had a hound-worthy duck dish?

Dinner, app, salad, taco, dumpling - I don't care.

Will Work For Duck.

Pls advise.



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  1. Favorite was at Talula (don't know if it's still on the menu). Seared duck breast (asian inspired, maybe 5-spice) with peanut butter mashed potatoes. Oh my!

    1. I just had the most amazing duck dish at a new place called Rise Asian Sushi in Boca. I don't remember the name of the dish, but it was roasted, fried and served with a chili sauce. Check it out. The sushi is excellent too.

      1. Gourmet Diner in North Miami always does a very nice simple roast duck, w/ side of roasted potatoes and a vegetable souffle.

        I happened to just mention the roast duck w/ figs, gorgonzola, & lavender at North One 10 in another thread.

        The Pacific Time duck salad is one of Mrs. F's favorites. I believe they also have a duck 2 ways as a main which I've never had.

        Les Halles does a confit leg served over a frisee salad with crispy little brunoise potatoes (dressed with a little truffle oil, natch) which is reliably good (which I cannot say about everything at Les Halles).

        Timo in Sunny Isles used to have a great duck salad on the menu (rosy slices of breast over spinach & red onion in a mustardy dressing) but I think it's not been on the menu for a while. They often have a duck entree as well, but I've found their duck preps to be somewhat hit or miss (sometimes can be too tough).

        I had a very nice green curry duck at Tamarind Thai on Normandy Circle a week or so ago - meant to do a post, we've had some very good meals there recently and the place has been growing on me.

        MGF&D almost always has a duck confit on the menu - it's good, but not one of their standout dishes.

        I was underwhelmed by the roast duck at Hong Kong Noodles (formerly Jumbo on 163rd St).

        1. Michy's usually/always has a nice duck confit served with a frisee salad, quail eggs, and lardons.

          Tropical Chinese has a great peking duck served traditionally; first the crispy skin in pancakes with scallions, cucumber and hoisin, and then also served in a stir-fry w/ onions and peppers.

          David at Chinatopia (hollywood circle) has always done a great crispy fried whole duck.

          Also, we usually order a peking duck salad when at China Grill.

          I know it is asian-centric but it is duck...

          1. The magret de canard at Le Bouchon in the Grove is incredibly good. I believe George's also has a duck dish but I havent tried it yet. The Grove is loaded with Frenchies!

            1. I concur with the Gourmet Diner and Bouchon du Grove (excellent last time I was there) recs and would add the pasta with duck confit at Valentino's in Fll.

              1. I dream about Mr. Chu's Peaking Duck!

                1. Duck Basil at Num Thai in Key Largo, MM104.

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                  1. In Ft Lauderdale Johnny V's has a dish called Duck, duck, duck. It consist of seared duck breast, duck confit and a stuffing made with duck liver.

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                      I think I recall back when Johnny V. had his restaurant in the Astor Hotel the first time around, he actually called the dish Duck Duck Goose. I am sure the dish in Ft. Lauderdale is just as good.

                    2. The Forge in Miami Beach. Chef Swersky's duck is awesome. It was his signature dish that he took with him when he left Boulevard Grill in Boca years ago.