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Sep 15, 2008 09:36 AM

Katsu Sushi Bar - Review

Those of us who are fans of Tama can now enjoy Katsu Michite's phenomenal sushi on the westside.

My wife, 6 month old son and I went to Katsu this past Saturday night right when the doors opened (a little after 5:30pm).

The decor is very clean with white brick walls and a long blond wood sushi bar.

As always, Katsu greeted us warmly and we sat down at a table in the back.

Considering it was a celebratory occasion, we decided to order omakase. I ordered a bottle of Otokoyama Junmai sake and over the next hour and a half, we reveled in each delicious course.

I don't remember everything we had, but here are the highlights:

Our first course was a beautifully arranged plate composed of seared yellowtail, spicy tuna "ball", yellowtail and green onion "ball" and a sliced cucumber round rolled with chutoro, razor thin lemon slice and chicory.

Katsu excels with nigiri, but these were especially delicious and melt-in-your-mouth:

- japanse snapper
- albacore
- spanish mackrel - some of the best ever, not a hint of "fishiness"
- kampachi
- shima aji
- yellowtail belly- insane, better than the chutoro
- halibut
- sea scallop - No one can touch Katsu when it comes to scallops
- uni - incredible; my wife usually can't stand the stuff, but she wanted another order.
- anago

We also had an amazing cut blue crab roll and lots of chutoro throughout the meal.

Cost was $80/pp and that's a solid value compared to other sushi joints.

Bravo Katsu!

See here for Jonathan Gold's review:

katsu sushi
260 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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  1. OK, do we know when the Katsu-san will be where, or can we find out? I like Tama, (heck I loved Katsu when it was on Hillhurst...) but I have no interest in ever eating in BH if I can eat elsewhere, so before I drive out to the valley I'd like to know who's working where that night....

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    1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

      In Katsu's words, the new restaurant is his "baby" and he will be spending the majority of his time in Beverly Hills.

      1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

        I can attest to the fact that Katsu is pretty much never at Tama anymore.

      2. Have you been to Zo? If so, how does it compare? Thanks.

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        1. re: Snoopy

          Yes, I've been to Zo which is excellent as well, but if given the choice, I will always go to Katsu.

          I'm not willing to put up with bad attitude and poor service (which I've experienced at Zo on more than one occasion) just to eat great sushi.

          If I'm spending my hard earned money, I expect to have a complete dining experience which factors not only incredible food, but friendly, attentive service and overall good value.

          For me, Katsu meets all of those requirements.

          1. re: Snoopy

            The selection at Zo is far greater than at Katsu. Also at Zo you get one piece of each fish so you get a greater variety at Katsu you get two pieces of the same fish. The size of the cut at Katsu is much larger than at Zo and the quality at Katsu is equivalent to Zo. As far as value, they are both pricey, I would have to go with Zo.