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Sep 15, 2008 09:32 AM

Omaha/Lincoln for Football Weekend

We are flying into Omaha on Friday, Sept. 26th to see our Virginia Tech Hokies play The Cornhuskers in Lincoln on Saturday. Looking for some local advice on good places to eat in both towns. Probably squeeze a weekday breakfast, weekday lunch and a Sunday brunch in Omaha. We'll be in Lincoln on Friday evening through Saturday evening. I'm sure restaurants are crazy on Game Day but any advice on good pubs and pub eats in Lincoln would be welcome. No chains, please - just your favorite places. Thanks

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  1. Lazlos is a microbrewery in the Haymarket that has decent pub food. There's another place next to it -- Firebirds or something like that --- that isn't bad either. One place you should definitely seek out in Lincoln is Barrymores, which is a bar that's (literally) behind an old movie theater. Huge ceilings, ropes, etc. Very cool. The entrance is in an alley.

    As for Omaha, you might like the Old Market. La Buvette is a French bistro/wine place with lots of wine, cheese plates, etc. Directly across the street is Upstream, another microbrewery.

    For Sunday brunch, you should really check out Dixie Quicks Magnolia Room, which is on the south side of Leavenworth near 19th St. Excellent, from-scratch food that changes every week. Everything is good -- oatmeal, chilaquiles, omelets, etc. If you're the mimosa type, you can bring your own champagne.

    1. Hubby and I frequent Lincoln for game weekends, so I have some great suggestions!

      Misty's has two different locations, they are known for their prime rib. If you have a Hyvee close by, they sell their seasonings there. That's what got us interested originally, we ended up going to the Havelock location and I'm so glad that we did. The Friday night before the game, they have a huge pep rally! The band, Herbie, and the cheerleaders are all there, it's a great time - and the food was excellent.

      For a Nebraska local - try Valentino's pizza. They serve the hamburger at the game, but the pizza and buffet themselves are great!

      Buzzard Billy's serves cajun style food - and it's always packed after the game with people sitting out on their porch. But, there's a great hidden place down in the basement called Starlight Lounge. It's 50's decor, but always packed after the games with people watching football - and they have AMAZING drinks. We've been there at least once, sometimes twice, every time we are there and they have so many different drinks, we haven't tried them all yet.

      If your not familiar with Runza's, definitely give one of those a try. My family is all from Nebraska, so I grew up on these, we always have to get two or three to take back home with us. I recommend the Runza with Cheese and an order of frings.

      We always stop at Lamar's Donuts on game day mornings to get a few cake donuts before heading downtown.

      Just a few suggestions - but honestly - everything I've had in Lincoln has been great - it's such a fun town, enjoy yourself - thats going to be a GREAT game.

      GO BIG RED!!

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        Thanks so much all the great suggestions - exactly what I was hoping for. The Starlight Lounge and Barrymores are now on my must-do list. Also hope to hit the Magnolia Room in Omaha on Sunday. I always consult my fellow Chowhounders for away game suggestions and I've never been steered wrong. Can't wait to meet lots of 'Huskers and see your part of the world. Go Hokies!

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          make reservations for Dixie Quicks

          and read the House Rules if you haven't already


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            Thanks for the tip. Wouldn't want to be Lydia for all the tea in China.

      2. Some good suggestions here. Fireworks is now at 84th and Pine Lake, far from downtown. Lazlo's owns Fireworks so you are just well off at Lazlo's. Misty's is a quite good reasonably priced steakhouse with a downtown location in addition to the Havelock one.

        Runza's are worth trying for the experience but not having grown up on them I don't find them at all tasty. To be fair to them don't have one at the game as they aren't as fresh their and sit like bricks in the stomach. SImilarly Valentino's at the game can be a bit off. You're much better off with burgers and dogs and the ice cream from the Dairy Store is excellent.

        Finally Lamars donuts are also excellent and a personal favorite.

        Games at Memorial Stadium are fun and the fans are great. Make sure you wear red : ).