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Sep 15, 2008 09:23 AM

best cake in NYC?

I want to order a cake for my sisters bday party. nothing too fancy just delicious. Recent buys have been Billys and 3 Hens. Looking for something truly sugary and delicious.

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  1. Both favorites of mine. Amy's is also good if you want something different.

    1. 2 of my favorites. I also like Amy's, if you're in the mood for something different.

        1. re: peachtart

          Baked ... as in Baked in Red Hook Brooklyn? Although this probably belongs in the Outer Borough chat, I was at Baked the other weekend (after my first time at the Red Hook Ballfields) and Baked has the best cupcake in NYC (and excellent brownies).

          Also excellent bakeries: Amy's Bread, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, Crumbs (although it's a chain, IMO they still make excellent cake and awesome B&W cookies), and Babycakes (esp. for those who are allergic to gluten).

          1. re: mepm231

            It doesn't need to be in the outer borough chat. They deliver!!

        2. YOU MUST get it from Sugar Sweet Sunshine on Rivington in the LES and they will delivery almost anywhere the messenger will go.
          It's so old school, more old school than Billy's.
          There cupcakes have a nice thick frosting on moist cake.
          They can do special cakes and if they ever have left over batter from a special cake, like strawberry, the turn them into cupcakes for us.
          I think their classic vanilla/vanilla is amazing as well as their lemon and their sexy red velvet.

          1. The chocolate cake with chocolate frosting from Little Pie Co is fudgy and old fasioned and very dense.