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best cake in NYC?

I want to order a cake for my sisters bday party. nothing too fancy just delicious. Recent buys have been Billys and 3 Hens. Looking for something truly sugary and delicious.

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  1. Both favorites of mine. Amy's is also good if you want something different.

    1. 2 of my favorites. I also like Amy's, if you're in the mood for something different.

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          Baked ... as in Baked in Red Hook Brooklyn? Although this probably belongs in the Outer Borough chat, I was at Baked the other weekend (after my first time at the Red Hook Ballfields) and Baked has the best cupcake in NYC (and excellent brownies).

          Also excellent bakeries: Amy's Bread, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, Crumbs (although it's a chain, IMO they still make excellent cake and awesome B&W cookies), and Babycakes (esp. for those who are allergic to gluten).

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            It doesn't need to be in the outer borough chat. They deliver!!

        2. YOU MUST get it from Sugar Sweet Sunshine on Rivington in the LES and they will delivery almost anywhere the messenger will go.
          It's so old school, more old school than Billy's.
          There cupcakes have a nice thick frosting on moist cake.
          They can do special cakes and if they ever have left over batter from a special cake, like strawberry, the turn them into cupcakes for us.
          I think their classic vanilla/vanilla is amazing as well as their lemon and their sexy red velvet.

          1. The chocolate cake with chocolate frosting from Little Pie Co is fudgy and old fasioned and very dense.

            1. Cupcake cafe on ninth ave. has a really good maple walnut cake, and beautiful flower decorations.

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                I really loathe their cupcakes -- does the regular cake have that same nasty frosting?

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                  You mean you don't like the tastes of whipped butter globed together and then lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar ?

              2. You cannot go wrong with Buttercup Cafe on 2nd in the 50's.

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                  I just had a Buttercup cupcake today, and something just wasn't right about it. pretty good icing, but terribly dry cake that was lacking in something. Even the cakes looked a little off for some reason. It was night an day from what I had about a year ago. I recently made the box mix, and it's superior to whatever Buttercup is serving.

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                    Ditto -- I love sweets but couldn't finish their cupcake. I've tried twice. The cake always tastes dry and a little off somehow (chemically?). The frosting is sweet but chalky.

                2. there is that place in tribeca, which im totally blanking on that is on greenwich...its not a normal retail bakery, it generally caters to restaurants...literally its like walking into a small factory. Anyhow, they have unbelievable cakes especially their chocolate cake (i dont even really like chocolate cake)

                  can someone help me here with the name?

                  i like some of the places people have mentioned here, but this places beats all of them

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                      Haven't tried the cakes but I've had very nice fruit pies from there. At least one year they were even open early in the day on Thanksgiving.

                      Umanoff and Parsons
                      467 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013

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                        Someone (kathryn?) mentioned on another thread that the Greenwich branch of Umanoff & Parson's is no longer open.

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                          thats right, i checked their website and they moved to the bronx (I'm sure rent is a heck of a lot cheaper)...you can get them to deliver, but you need to order a bunch or pay a fee if its less than that

                          its a bummer, they really had some very solid product

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                            According to kathryn (sorry to keep talking about you like you're not here LOL!) they'll be opening another branch in Manhattan at 110th St.

                            BTW, have you tried the chocolate pecan pie? Transcendant...

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                              oh really? i hope so, i used to work in tribeca and people would always get cakes for bdays....so good

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                                :) Their site says

                                "Our new office/warehouse will be temporarily located in the Bronx until our new baking facility at 1751 Park Ave is completed this summer."

                                That's 121st and Park...

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                                  I called them yesterday. Their new place in Harlem is not due to open now until January.
                                  You can call in an order in advance to their Bronx baking site (which does not have a retail counter) and then pick it up or have it delivered.

                      2. No contest. Order one from Good Enough to Eat, which is on Amsterdam and 84th.

                        1. Does "How Sweet It Is" or "Batch" do cakes or just cupcakes? If they do cakes, it might be something a bit different.

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                            Both How Sweet it Is and Batch do cakes. Went to How Sweet it Is for the first time this weekend. Excellent flavorful and moist cupcakes. Batch is also good, but has some very different flavor combinations (i.e. Green Tea & Chocolate).

                          2. baked is the best.

                            i had billy's ice box cake lately. to die for.

                            black hound in the east village has amazing cakes! the one with the bee on it is the best (can't remember the official name). go there and check it out if you're not familiar with it. they have at least 3-4 samples of their cakes out at any given time. worth the trip either way.

                            i also love sugar sweet sunshine in the LES. best banana cream cake i've had.

                            1. I'll echo the love for Baked, Billy's, Amy's and Sugar Sweet Sunshine: Delicious, moist cake and not-too-sweet frosting.

                              As well, Betty Bakery in Brooklyn.

                              If you change your mind and want fancy, Lady M would be pretty incredible.

                              1. Little Cupcake Bakeshop in Bay Ridge.....the best ever!....I think they deliver too!

                                1. Admittedly my suggestion is fancy, but it is sooo delicious -- the crepe cake at Lady M.

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                                    Caffe Falai has a great crepe cake as well. I think it's called the Creme Brulee Crepe Cake.

                                  2. Ceci Cela on Spring St. has great cakes. Veniero's birthday cakes are always good. There are some specialty artist bakers that make amazing special order cakes , some costing $1000 or more but it didnt sound like that was what you were looking

                                    1. I discovered Nine Cakes at the Atlantic Avenue Street Festival, and they offer great flavors. Their cakes and cupcakes are made-to-order. Nine Cakes lists their flavors and prices on their website which is www.ninecakes.com