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Sep 15, 2008 08:52 AM

ratatouille --

I made a huge batch of ratatouille yesterday to celebrate fall and the harvest. Usually, I serve mine with grilled polenta, sometimes a little scoop of Greek yogurt or sour cream, sometimes a few crumbles of feta or ricotta salata. It's always good scooped up with some crusty bread too...

Other serving ideas? (not pasta)

My ratatouille is delicious -- the usual suspects (eggplant, zucchini, red bell pepper, tomatoes) and I added mushrooms this time -- yum. Quite fragrant with bay leaf and fresh parsley, basil, oregano, plus lots of fresh black pepper. Does anyone have a different or unusual recipe for ratatouille? I'd like to try it a different way later this fall, if I hear of a great recipe. I saw one on epicurious with fennel -- reviewers gave it four forks.

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  1. I like it as a sandwich, on pita bread, with olives (or tapenade) and some feta. Or a wrap.

    I like to season with herbs d'provence, if I don't have fresh basil, parsley and oregano.

    Mostly I just serve it as a side dish though.

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      YES! I will have it as a wrap with olives and feta. I do like to serve it sprinkled with some great black olives. YUM. thanks for the idea.

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        And thanks for reminding me about fennel, I love to substitute it for celery in the fall!

    2. I like to grill or toast some country bread, rub it with garlic and spoon some ratatouille over it. Top with a layer of mozzarella and put it under the broiler for a moment.

      Fill a shallow saucepan with ratatouille and, once it's simmering, lay a few fish fillets over and gently poach them until done.

      Or, speaking of poaching, crack a few eggs into individual cups and slide the eggs into the slightly bubbling ratatuille. Cover the pan and simmer until the eggs are done to your liking.

      I also like an omelette stuffed with ratatouille, served with a mixed green salad dressed with a light mustard/lemon vinaigrette.

      1. A terrific crepe place here in New York serves their ratatouille under a goat cheese potato cake and with a poached egg on top. I pared that down a bit to roasted potato slices/wedges, a poached egg, and dollops of goat cheese here and there. It's a very satisfying single bowl meal.

        1. I like to layer it with some spicy italian sausage links sliced on the diagonal. Then I top it with cheese (whatever is in the drawer, but usually a combo of parm and mozz) and bake it until bubbly. My kids pick out the sausage chunks and leave the rest, but Mr. Pajama happily scarfs it all down.

          1. I second the sausage thing.

            I also LOVE it served on top of spanish tortilla or some other kind of fritatta. In Spain its fairly common to serve with a fried egg (but poached sounds great to me too). They also call it pisto, but its the same thing.

            As far as preparation goes, I read a recipe recently that calls for grilling/ high temp roasting of the veggies before combining. It sounds like more work, but its probably a good, flavorful variation.