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Sep 15, 2008 08:51 AM

Red Room 2 - New Chef

This past weekend I went to have drinks and apps at R2, the new Red Room addition. The interior was nice, but the service and food were TERRIBLE. Everyone agreed the food had absolutely no taste, and they were out of 6/10 items. Our server was not attentive whatsoever, and eventually we were passed on to another server without any explanation (who was actually really nice, so we were somewhat thankful). We weren't rude in any way, so I'm not sure what the problem was. After eating our terrible meals we were still hungry and when I tried to order more food they informed me that the kitchen was closed. Thanks for the warning!! So my friend ended up going across the street to Pizza Visuvio and getting some pizza slices for us to share. The pizza was the best thing we ate that night.

I was extremely disappointed because I ate at the original Red Room about 6 months ago and the food was incredible. I don't know what happened?!?

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  1. We had a similar experience. Thought the decor was great but the food was only okay and really expensive! I thought the new menu was too funky, not tasty, and with tiny portions. The old Red Room menu was great and the portions were generous - especially for the price. After spending $120 for some apps and splitting an entree, we went home and had cereal! I was very disappointed.

    1. Chef Kevin Sousa, who had just come over to Red Room from Alchemy at the Bigelow Grill this past spring, left a couple weeks ago ... rather abruptly, from what I've heard.

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        How disappointing. At least he's starting his own place now.

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          Sousa has his own blog here. I went searching after reading this thread because I hadn't heard. Looks like you can read through some of the progression if you go back through the posts. Seems to be more frustration than animosity. But it will be interesting to see what Sousa ultimately comes up with, I would think.

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            Thanks for this link, CrazyOne. Didn't know Sousa kept a blog.

            I, for one, thought Red Room's snagging of Sousa last April was a coup for them, though I had questions (apparently justified) whether his style would fit into the mix there. Unfortunately, I didn't full-on dine at Red Room during his short tenure — just drinks and appetizers on a couple occasions. I saw nothing to get terribly excited about.

            Ultimately, I have broader questions about whether he fits into the mix in Pittsburgh at large. I'm just not sure the restaurant scene here is ready to support a place like Alinea or wd~50, though God knows I'm looking forward to seeing him try.

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