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Sep 15, 2008 08:47 AM

Bryn Mawr area- ideas for special birthday?

We are driving up to Bryn Mawr to take my daughter out for her 18th birthday next weekend and are not too familiar with the area. Her favorite cuisines are Thai, Indian, Afghan and Pakistani. Living in DC we have some excellent choices back home, so I would err on the side of good food versus good ambiance, but both would be nice.

I ate in a nice Indian place in Ardmore back in the Spring, but couldn't find it again last month. Suggestions? Thanks!


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  1. That's not really my neck of the woods except for lunch, but check out these links - Bryn mawr is on what we refer to as the Main Line, a reference to a commuter train line.

    1. The Indian restaurant you're thinking of (I hope) is Khajuraho, in Ardmore Another favorite is Carmine's, which is Cajun/Creole.

      1. For Thai there is Thai Pepper in Wynnewood and Siam Princess in Ardmore. I am not aware of any Afghan or Pakistani in the area.

        That being said, I wouldn't really think of either the Thai places, or the Indian place, as special occasion places. For that you might want to consider instead Sola, a very good BYOB in Bryn Mawr. Also, in Villanova, a new place called Maia is getting fabulous reviews.

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          Sola is much the best in the Bryn Mawr area. Of course it's expensive; a little bit less so because it's BYOB. It's as small as Maia is gigantic.

        2. We always enjoy the Mediterranean Grill in Bryn Mawr.

          They have the best rice, its something that I crave sometimes. The tahdeg is a must, I like it with the fesenjan sauce.

          If she is a fan of Thai, try Sukhothai in Havertown. Its very close to Bryn Mawr. We have been fans of this chef since he had a place in Phoenixville. The best thing about his style of cooking is that he uses what is freshly available to him. He stays creative and interesting.

          Ask for the vegetarian Tom-Yum, its the best. Its a small place so call ahead if you have a group.

          Both of these places are BYOB.

          1. We may not be able to go up Saturday. So I was advised to take her to brunch at the White Dog Cafe in the city.

            Realized I should order a cake locally- looked online- seems like Testa's in Havertown or the Bakery House in Bryn Mawr for a birthday cake??? Other tasty options, esp options with pastry cream filling?

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              DEFINITELY the Bakery House. I purposely walk back to campus on the other side of the street because it's far too tempting....their vanilla buttercream is beautiful in its simplicity. Also, all of her friends will love her forever if she keeps it in the tea pantry! Call ahead; I'm sure they'd do a special cream filling.

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                Is Berwyn convenient? I think the cakes at Sweet Jazmine are beyond compare. They're almost works of art, they're so pretty and she has tons of flavors you can chose from

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                  checked out the web site for Sweet Jazmine. Those cakes sound delectable, but they aren't open on Sunday and I don't know about getting there before they close on Saturday at 5. (We're driving from suburban VA up I95 after 1, so it can be kind of unpredicatable with traffic.) So I'm opting for Bakery House.

                  We're staying in King of Prussia, Sat nite, so I'll look for recommendations for that neck of the woods in the archives.