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Sep 15, 2008 08:39 AM

farm-fresh eggs in metro boston?

Anyone know where to get local fresh eggs from pastured chickens? I would consider a CSA type arrangement or just happy to stop in a store that stocks them reliably

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  1. Chip-in Farm in Bedford, MA has great fresh eggs from their chickens. You can pick them up in Lexington at Busa Farms too.

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      Russo's sells Chip-In eggs as well, although sometimes they're out of stock.

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        Verrill Farms in Concord also sells Chip-In eggs.

      2. Owens Poultry farm in Needham has fresh eggs. There is also a place near Verill Farm in Concord that sells eggs- you just go in and pick them up and leave your money- backyard ?something- however, we have been several times and there are never any eggs. They must put them out at a particular time and I have inquired but never fot an answer.

        1. Seven-Acre Poultry Farm in North Reading - a mile east of Rt 93 on the Concord Road exit (the second exit past 128). Closed Monday, open till 6pm Tues-Sun. They have different size eggs, pay on the honor system for eggs and vegetables. If someone's around, you can get poultry and products like pot pies and turkey sausage. The eggs are not refrigerated, but know that they have a natural protective coating so it's okay (supermarket eggs lack this, having been washed). At home, put them in the fridge.

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            And the turkey tips at seven acre farm are great!

          2. There is a house next to the entrance to the Blue Hills Cemetary in Braintree, Ma that has chickens and sells eggs.

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