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Sep 15, 2008 08:04 AM

Best butcher for pork

I am looking for the best butcher in the DC area or out in VA for good pork. Any suggestions?

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  1. Some farm folks out in Virginia may be able to meet your needs.(they come into DC,MD & N Va) I happen to think the meat is fabulous,"true pork"raves every time served.

    Dillwyn,Va 23936 1-434-983-9721

    This will not be "the other white meat",the web site provides a wealth of information.

    1. Two additional possibilities come to mind, though butchers here are getting harder and harder to find.
      One is The Organic Butcher in McLean, the other is Wagschals on Mass Ave, upper NW DC.
      In both cases, I'd call and pre-order if it's something special or unusual that you need.
      Finally, you can check out Smith Family Farms in Virginia, though last time I asked (a couple of weeks ago), they told me their pigs weren't fat enough to butcher yet this fall.
      If you find something that works out there, let us all know, it's a thin area for DC.

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        I think you will find Buffalo Creek Farm has an ample stock.The free range sows have 2 litters a year.The ability to butcher various size animals nearly year round is the norm.

      2. The best pork I have had since what my grandfather raised on his farm is from EcoFriendly Foods, available at Arlington Courthouse and Dupont Circle farmers' markets. On weeks that they don't have any freshly butchered meat, they will have frozen. While my preference is for whatever is freshly butchered, the frozen is perfectly acceptable.

        You can read about their feeding practices on their website: