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Sep 15, 2008 07:35 AM

Location for Upscale Birthday Party?

I am trying to plan a 40th birthday in New York City for 110-130 people in November. Budget (including open bar) is approx $65 per person for three hours. Would like to do in a restuarant/club type atmosphere that will be someplace people will want to stay afterwards for drinks. Preferably would like to do on the Upper East or downtown. Not too interested in midtown. Any suggestions?

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  1. Thats a pretty low budget for that number of people and open bar. For most restaurants and many clubs, 110 people is a buyout and they will want a minimum of appx $110 per. You might find a club that will do it early before regular business. But $65 is usually the price for the open bar itself with food additional ($55 food or so for the same period of time.) (3 hours at $65 is $22 an hour or 2 drinks--not a great margin). Plus you will need to think of tax and tip. If $65 is inclusive, its only about $50 per person you are looking to spend on food and drink ($50 is $16 an hour or just over two beers per average). I know 7K to 8K sounds like a lot for a party, but broken down, its not a lot for a business to feed/sate that many people, staff etc. etc. Think about a beer and wine only bar, or cash bar while you provide the food. Happy hunting.