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Sep 15, 2008 07:05 AM

Cuisinart food processor—what size for baking?

I live in a small apartment with LIMITED counter space. Registering for kitchen gear as wedding gifts, don't want things on the registry to be too pricey. Want to get the smallest cuisinart that will be useful—ok with doing multiple batches of some things (and also have stick blender), and also find that too large a batch of some things leads to uneven processing (the stuff on the bottom getting totally chopped up while the top remains unmixed) but want to know what size I need for doughs, etc. Is 9 cups too small? Do I NEED 11 or more?

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  1. I have the 11 cup, and wouldn't go smaller. In terms of it being too large for some things - I try to process, and stir, process and stir.

    1. I am also a small-space dweller and have a 5 cup kitchen aid food processor; I successfully use it for making 2 pie crusts at a time... it works wonderfully for that purpose. However, I don't use it for doughs, so I don't know about that. But it does also make a good 9" cake... (the sort where you need to pulverize almonds with sugar before adding other stuff). And, while chop consistency is driven by size, it is also affected a good deal by quality. I used to have another processor (hamilton beach?) but it was "adequate" on a good day, and usually just bad. The KitchenAid has been a pleasure to use-- good consistent chopping, no major smoosh problems.

      1. I just signed on to post a question on what size Cuisinart food processor to buy, and there's your question right at the top! My 25+ year old food processor needs to be replaced. It was a wedding or first anniversary gift. Hope yours lasts as long-as mine--the food processor that is, not the marriage ; )

        Anyway, I was thinking that 9 cups would be the right size for me. 11 seems toobig and 7 too small. Although my sister who cooks alot and makes pie crusts in it, thinks 7 cups is fine.

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          I think I'm going to go with the 9 cup. Am a bit nervous, but the 11 looked quite large to me at the store. Now someone just has to buy it off our registry (fingers crossed!!)

        2. There will always be times when you NEED more. But for nearly 20 years, my Cuisinart 11cup has rocked the house and I absolutely think it's the ideal size. Sure, there are moments when I wish I had a smaller one, but the 11 is still ideal to my mind.

          1. I recently traded my 11-cup for my mom's 14-cup (both approx. 12-15 years old. . .).

            The 14 doesn't take up much--if any--more cabinet space, and it's made the difference between one-and two-batches in several recipes lately.