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Sep 15, 2008 07:04 AM

Charlotte: Cosmos Cafe - 2nd Location!

I am very excited to have learned that Cosmos Cafe is opening another location in a new mixed use development at the corner of Rea Rd & Williams Pond Ln. This is right behind Matthews Catholic Church in the Ballantyne Area. I found this link:

I noticed the new development going up (The Village at Robinson Farm) and thought the one free standing building looked like a restaurant. I searched and was very pleased to learn it would be Cosmos Cafe. We need some diversity and out-of-the-box options down here in Vanilla-ville.

By the looks of things, it will likely open in a couple of months. Yea!

I also learned that a Manhattan Bagel is going in in front of the Best Buy at Rea Rd & Ardrey Kell, along with a Just Fresh, Winestore, Salsarita's, Asian Fusion, SAS Cupcakes and Omaha Steaks. More chains, more vanilla. Although, I'm somewhat interested in Winestore. Anyone familiar w/ this franchise? Here is a link to their website: It'd be nice not to have to drive over to Total Wine on Independence.

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  1. Other than thinking they have one heck of a beautiful web site, I don't have any information on winestore. I am SO excited about Cosmos though. Love that restaurant and have never had anything but really good tapas and wine at their uptown location. Since leaving the Bank of few years ago, I rarely make it uptown anymore. The other stores are a big yawn but they'll do well down there with the possible exception of the cupcake place. Aren't cupcakes over? I drive past both shopping centers every day and was wondering what they were going to put in. That shopping center at Robinson Farm is the strangest site I've seen in South Charlotte.

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      Hey SI,

      I thought you might be happy to know about Cosmos coming soon down here. You're right, the development looks completely out of place pseudo NE village? I don't know. And yes, cupcakes are so last year. Ha! But, like u said, I'm sure the stores will do well in this area.

      I can't believe you haven't commented on our attempt to host the first ever Charlotte Chowdown! After all, it was your post on another thread that inspired GFL and I. It is imperative that you come. Here's a link:

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        I think the thread about the Charlotte get-together is one can reply....

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          Oh, interesting. I didn't realize that. Thanks for the heads up!

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            Hapy is correct you can't reply. I believe CH did that intentionally. Charlotte hounds that want to attend the Chow-Down should reply to the email address you supplied
            By the way did SouthernItalian RSVP yet? We chow at many of the same places and it would be a blast to meet her.

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              Yes, Chowdown posts are locked, and we ask that posters reply and organize using the email posted in the Chowdown post, so that the boards are not diluted by chat about organizing Chowdowns.


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          Let's see if I have a job in October. :(

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            Yikes. All the more reason to come out to play. Lord knows, GFL will cheer you up. Right Mr. Snarky?

            Seriously though, I'm sending good karma your way. :)

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              These can be challenging times for sure. It's our good times and positive attitudes that help keep us sane. Unless like me your already a nut bar.
              You are sure to be fine as LL has sent you good karma . It's in the bag LL and the Buddha are tight. Hope to meet you at the Chow-Down.

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          1. Cupcakes over? They haven't even made it here to Charlotte! I personally am looking forward to SAS cupcakes opening at Blakeney. Just saw them for the first time on the Food Network last week and can't wait for them to get here. Their gourmet cakes look awesome. Nice breath of something new and fresh in south charlotte. I also think Wine Store is great addition to this area. Have visited them in South Park and just love the store concept. Wine and cupcakes...and can't think of anything better!

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              Haven't even made it to Charlotte? Perhaps you don't have occasion to venture out of South Charlotte. It's a big city out there. Gourmet cupcakes are available at Polka Dot Bake Shop. Not a chain nor on the food network, but hey very little regarding quality food is on the Food Network any more. Check it out!!!!!

            2. The original comment has been removed