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Sep 15, 2008 06:41 AM

First Time at CBS Scene

Three of us went to CBS Scene at Patriot Place Saturday night with the intention of eating there, but the 2 1/2 hour wait squelched those plans. Instead, we had a drink downstairs in a little nook area, which had a fairly quiet bar near the outdoor seating section.

We wandered around a bit while there, and I have to say, I was pretty impressed by the place. It is a sports lover's dream, with TVs showing games everywhere (including a huge one with an amazing picture at one of the bars). The place almost feels like a TV studio, which I guess is what they were aiming for.

Some of the dishes I saw while wandering through the dining areas looked pretty good, though I'm thinking it's not exactly the type of place you'd go for fine dining.

We didn't stay long, as we were pretty hungry and didn't want to wait until 10:00 to eat, but we got just enough of a taste of the place to want to return. Perhaps we'll hit it on a Sunday afternoon when the Pats aren't in town, and we can kick back with a few drinks before having an early dinner.

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  1. I have been to the CBS Scene twice with my family. Our first experience was when the place was brand new and because the food was really poor and the service was really slow, we decided to give it a chance. The second time, so that we wouldn't have to wait to long for a table, we called ahead on our way there and were told that it wouldn't be necessary to put our name in ahead of time as there was no wait. We arrived fifteen minutes later to a two hour wait. So we sat in the only kid-friendly, non-wait place which was a stand alone bar set slightly apart from the actual bar. We waited ten minutes for service and then ordered our food. One hour later our overcooked sliders came. Disappointed again.
    The atmosphere is unique and amazing. The menu needs a lot of work. They need more options and they need to stick to pub food and stay away from things like the ahi tuna so that the portions aren't "lady-like" for this sports bar crowd. They also need to hire more wait staff or more attentive wait staff and err on the side of undercooking meat since at least a customer can have it cooked a little more. (The buns on the sliders had to come off since they were toasted hard and couldn't be bitten into with the burger.)

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      So the real mystery is, why are people flocking to these places? The newness/novelty? Obviously not for the food... a 2 hour wait is the norm? wow, Kraft really must be a marketing genious...

      1. re: tbiscaia

        Not sure so much that he is a marketing genius as much as people just love to lick his feet. I bet if he put out a paper bag of his excrement someone would give him a few bucks for it.

    2. Went there after the Miami game. Waste of time and money. Cardboard pizza, cardboard nacho's and 2000 of your closest sweaty friends. And they charge a $10 cover after the game for the pleasure of seeing a bunch of washed up Pat's doing a live talk radio program in the back room. The sheer number of plasma screen TV's (at every table) is impressive. But you get over that pretty quickly.

      FYI the Wine Bar across from CBS is just as bad from a price performance point of view.

      If I went again I'd go to the new Davio's at the other end of the promenade...

      1. Not that it is worth the effort, but you can make reservations and bypass the line even on game days. As for that long line, it is just bad management. More than half of the tables were empty once we were inside.

        To put it mildly, I think the CBS Scene flat out sucks. I am ashamed to say that a friend talked us into going there before the Miami game instead of tail gating. Never again! They do have a lot if TV's I suppose, but the food is low grade cafiteria fare. Some of the scrawniest wings I have ever seen with bland dipping sauce, burgers ordered MR all cooked MW, you get the point. It is really not even worth getting into.

        Foxboro is changing for the worse every day. Never again will I forgo the tailgate for the Disneyland Kraft is trying to build to pump up the value of the team.

        1. Probably the worst restaurant I have ever been to. To put it into perspective, I believe the food and service is better at Planet Hollywood and we all know how the story went for that chain. Ridiculously incompetent service and mediocre food does not justify the aggravation of getting to this overpriced ripoff joint. Sent a letter about our experience to GM and surprise, surprise, no response back. Basic management training says you should at least respond to a guests' concerns. Apparently they just don't care. They'll be done in a year or two.