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Sep 15, 2008 05:51 AM

Beer & Food in Stare Mesto, Prague


I'm going to prague for a long weekend in October, and since we're arriving reasonably late on Friday, we're looking for a good place for beer and food (perhaps a beer hall) within strolling distance of Stare Mesto. We'd prefer nothing too touristy if we could avoid it!

Any recommendations? Was looking at U Medvidku .... ?


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  1. Hope you haven't gone yet.
    First of all you shouldn't have any problem with beer halls in Prague the place is dripping with them. Beer being the cheapest thing in the country.
    Second be sure to order the Pork Knee or Pork Joint as it's often translated (almost everywhere will have an English menu these days) It's not the most appealing sounding thing but you're friends will be envious and all the cameras will come out.
    Third Good beer is easy to come by in Prague as it's consumed at such a rate it's fresh just about everywhere. But good food is much harder to come by in beer halls as the standard fare is more often than not can be described as overcooked meat covered in some gravy with a side of dumplings or potatoes.

    As for a recommendation, which is what you wanted, I'd try the following in that area:

    Pivnice U Rudolfina
    Křížovnická 10
    U Zlateho Tygra (Golden Tiger)
    Husova 17
    Stare Mesto
    Vezenska 2
    Stare Mesto

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      I’ll second the recommendation for U Rudolfina. Great pub.

      I also wholeheartedly agree that the Pork Knee/Knuckle/Joint is worth trying. It’s sort of like the pork shank in German cuisine (eisbein), but still pretty distinctive. I had one last weekend at Mlejnice (on Kožná), and it was fantastic. A full kilo of deliciousness.

      I’ve heard others recommend Kolkovna as well, but personally I was unimpressed. It’s a chain owned by Pilsner Urquell, and in my experience the quality of food just doesn’t live up to other (often less expensive) places I’ve been to in Prague.

      Plus (and this is a small point), one thing that I like about Czech service is that they often pour you a new beer when they see that you are almost finished (before you can ask them). Sort of like with fountain sodas in American restaurants. However, this didn’t happen for me at Kolkovna; the waiters never brought a second round of drinks (even after we asked them). Sort of like with drinks in Dutch restaurants, haha…

      Back on topic, there is some more information available here:

    2. U Medvidku is touristic, especially in October. There are allways huge noisy groups from bus tours. I recommend Potrefena Husa chain, this is where Prague yuppies go in the evenings.