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Sep 15, 2008 05:38 AM

Dining out for Thanksgiving

I'm attempting to plan far in advance for Thanksgiving, and would love some Chowhound advice for dining out for Thanksgiving in and around the Boston area (no more than an hour away). I'd welcome suggestions for places that serve typical Thanksgiving dinners, as well as restaurants that are good that are just open for Thanksgiving. Thanks so much!

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  1. We have spent the past two Thanksgivings at Sel de la Terre on State street. This year, I think we may reserve at the new one on Boylston Street. We are also considering a splurge at L'Espalier. It depends on the cast of characters we put together for the meal.

    The food has been wonderful and the service great. Here are a couple of thread from last year. The first one has my post T-Day report.

    1. If you don't mind driving an hour, the Bedford Village Inn in Bedford NH does a beautiful meal.

      1. Friends of mine dine at Silks in Tyngsboro each T'day and love it.

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          Silks has changed to another name this past year. It's now called the Left Bank. I always liked the buffet brunch on Sundays. Now, buffet has changed to where you order an entree and then have access to a pastry table. I liked Silks brunch a lot more. I don't know if they have plans to change their usual Thanksgiving plan. Over the last few years, we've gone to the Thanksgiving buffet at the Dedham Hilton. We stumbled upon it accidently when last minute plans changed and were pleasantly surprised. We've gone back the 2 years since, and will probably go again this year. The diningroom has a glass wall that oerlooks their gardens(granted there aren't any flowers in Nov. but it's still provides nice views). The food is excellent...2 carving stations, lots of sides and a few other hot entrees as well as various salads and desserts. The service has always been pleasant and very attentive. Reservations are needed as certain times get totally booked.

        2. I once ate at the Wayside Inn on Thanksgiving. The building, in Sudbury, dates from the 1700's..which gives it a nice old-time touch. No buffet, which is a plus in a restaurant on Thanksgiving. Can't recall specifics about the food, but everyone was pleased.

          1. This violates your distance requirement, but check for the Thanksgiving dinner at the Shaker Village in Canterbury NH. The restaurant, The Shaker Table, serves wonderful food, in a dining room with a historic feel and Shaker reproduction furnishings. It is in an original Shaker barn, which was re-purposed and remodeled. Haven't had T-day there since the current restaurant opened, but was there with friends when the candle-lit dinner was served family style at long communal tables in The Creamery building. That building and its furnishings were original. It was a warm, welcoming environment which gave us the feel of a more authentic Thanksgiving spirit, with superb food - the best Thanksgiving experience I ever had.

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