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Sep 15, 2008 05:15 AM

Nat Porters, warren RI

Went to Nat Porters on friday night, evening started out nice with a good drink in the cute little bar. The restaurant itself is very cute and has a lovely ambiance, that's where the good comments end. Let's start with our waitress. She couldn't be bothered to refill our drinks, bring us bread or even remove our appetizer plates....we were her only table. The Calamari was ok, nothing we haven't all had before. I had a tortellini with artichokes, sun dried tomatoes in a tomato cream sauce. If there was cream in the sauce, i missed it. The sauce tasted like it came from a jar and it was nothing i couldn't have made at home and prob better. My BF had chicken medallions with boursin cheese, I was excited about this dish since i love Boursin. This dish had the potential of being good, but was just dissapointing. Dry chicken chunks in a crock covered with cheese and broiled....yuk. Drove an hour to try this place and would not go back.

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  1. You won't have a chance. It closed shortly after your visit...and remains for sale.

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      I've heard from very good sources that Jamie O (Red Stripe) has been in negotiations to buy this and reopen as a B&B. I first heard this rumor about a year ago. Don't know what happened since.

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        I used to love the Nat Porter. It was owned by young married couple who were very nice but not all that savvy with the biz. I would love to see Jamie form red stripe open a B&B there. His operations are typically very good.