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Sep 15, 2008 03:06 AM

David Gilmour in Munich

Ok, here's a silly one...can anyone help me identify the Munich restaurant where David Gilmour and his band and crew wine and dine Rick Wright for his birthday on the "Remember that night" DVD??
Clues include a huge mural portraying what looks like a clifftop Greek temple above a blue sea with a sphere of yellow sun. I've tried freezing the film on the staff's bibs, but darned if I can make out the name...

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  1. Is it a fancy typa place? Acquarello has a weird greek temple mural. Photo here:

    I guess I should see the video...

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    1. re: Behemoth

      Yep, that's it, Mr B! Thanks very much! And since Mr Gilmour seems to like his food and wine, I'm guessing it's a good place to eat too next time I'm in Munich...and, sadly, to drink a toast in Rick Wright's memory...

      1. re: stuartJ


        The quality of the food is good, but don't expect to be well fed, though. You'll get 5 tortellini on your plate and will be expected to ooh and ahh about it. Let me know if you're interested in getting a list of other options.

        Of course, I'm just going on the quality of the food + dining experience and not he nostalgia around the restaurant with Gilmour & Wright!

        1. re: girobike

          Second that - mediocre at astronomic prices.

          1. re: Marc

            Third that, unfortunately. I love their pasta but not enough to put up with the rest of it. If you want to spend that kind of money I would say Terrine is a better bet.