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Sep 14, 2008 11:00 PM

DFW: sushi awaji

I don't know if I spelled the name right. Its the new sushi joint in the old Eckerds/CVC pharmacy at 635 and Macarthur in Las Colinas/Valley Ranch. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. we eat at the one in west plano all the time. it's my favorite sushi place in town. i would assume the food at the one in irving is comparable.

    try the mamasan roll, it's absolutely amazing!

    1. It's a buffet similar to Tokyo One. Good place to go if you are craving a bunch of sushi, but not comparable to made to order as one would imagine. They have a very large selection of rolls, a sizable selection of other hot items, and a hibachi grill. Try it for lunch and save some $$ off the dinner price.

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      1. re: Azn Gorger

        Thanks for the info, I work in Irving so I'll add this to the lunch rotation.

        Doesn't seem to be a website or anything, so do you remember what the prices are like for lunch/dinner?

        1. re: air

          Same owners, different concept. $15 for lunch, twenty-something for dinner.

      2. Be careful, the Sushi Awaji in Las Colinas/Irving is buffet style while the one in West Plano is restaurant/sushi bar style. They are also of different owners.

        1. I would not recommend this place...Sushi "Stay Away" more like it...

          We went on a Sunday afternoon right after the lunch "rush" (if there was one) only to be disappointed with the "selection" of sushi. The "sashimi" (Tuna, albacore, "red snapper", and salmon) area was never filled. The rolls and nigiri was also lacking. How is this a buffet when there was nothing to pick from?!?!

          Hot foods were typical of your cheap Chinese buffet. Hibachi ingredients were also lacking.
          Everything in general was lacking.

          VERY DISAPPOINTED for the price paid. $15.99 + drinks