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Sep 14, 2008 08:04 PM

Fun, Kitschy, Quirky in/near Hwd for my B-day Tuesday?

I have searched 'til my eyes burned and scoured through thread after thread but, I think, am suffering info overload without really finding what I truly need for my birthday, a funky, kitschy, quirky place to grab dinner that (ideally) won't set us back too much $$$. Since we just moved to Hwd a couple weeks ago, we're not yet familiar enough with the area so are at a loss.

What we want is someplace that is as much about the experience as the food (since we're not about sacrificing taste), maybe kitschy or downright goofy, just fun and funky. Cuisine is not an issue, since we dig just about anything, and pricing should be reasonable (by which I mean entrees in the neighborhood of 15-20 average), though cheap is even better!

So, can you all recommend a great place where we can get our funky whimsy on and get some good food too?


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  1. The place of your (warped) birthday dreams IS in Hollywood - North Hollywood that is:

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    1. re: Servorg

      Delve definitely looks like a weirdly good time. Since we usually go a la carte for sushi, it'd be a bit near the top end of our spend for the meal portion of the night. Is the sushi as good as the funky factor?

      1. re: mangetoutoc

        No, but one pretty much precludes the other.

        1. re: mangetoutoc

          If price is a factor and Hollywood is the choice of locations then how about Palms Thai and Thai "Elvis?"

          1. re: Servorg

            Yeah, baby! I had heard about the Thai Elvis and may have to give him a whirl! Thanks for reminding me!

            1. re: Servorg

              i was going to suggest Palms Thai as well.

              somewhat kitchy is Dar Maghreb or Mouns of Tunis for belly dancing and eat with your hands fun.

        2. i am not sure HOW quirky you want. i was thinking along the lines of Magnolia, Bowery Bar, MIssion Cantina, all in Hollywood, all slightly casual and none are too pricey. Quirkier is my favorite izakaya in Little Tokyo, called Haru Ulala. You can walk the friendly streets of Little Tokyo, people watch, etc. Haru gets a lot of love on these boards for having good Japanese pub grub. For something quirkier I would suggest Tapas & Wine Bar C in Little Tokyo, a Japanese/Euro bar w/small plates and servers in french maid costumes. But its pricier.

          1. i got your fun and funky right here:
            Tiki-Ti - -4427 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles California 90027 323-669-9381 • Open Wed. through Sat. 4pm to 2am
            But no food other than munchies. Grab a burrito at Burrito King and head to T-T after. Check out their website, has some good advice about visiting, it's teensy and way popular.

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            1. re: swimfin

              the above is a GREAT idea, inexpensive and fun kitsch

              1. re: swimfin

                Tiki Ti is definitely in the running for the after dinner cocktails. I'm between there and The Dresden at the moment. We're just hoping we'll have no problem getting a couple seats on a Tuesday night.

                1. re: mangetoutoc

                  Tiki Ti won't be open on a Tuesday. Dresden is a great idea, and you might even want to eat there, although I have heard the food isn't that great. You will recognize it immediately, the interior has been featured in several movies.

                  As for getting a seat in the Dresden bar, the waitresses will shoo away people who aren't fulfilling the 2-drink minimum, so hint that you are ready to have some drinks, and you should be okay.

                  Finally, do the valet parking behind the Dresden, it's only $2.50 if they see you go into the restaurant/bar. Although on a Tuesday, you may be able to find street parking. Even better, though, you can take the metro to the Vermont/Sunset station and walk the 3 or 4 blocks. Be sure to check the times though so you make it back!

                  1. re: annalulu

                    Oooh ... didn't even think about that, thanks! We'll have to experience the tacky joys of Tkiki Ti some other time.

                    Good tips. Thanks more!

                    Oh, and ... heh ... we'll definitely recognize it. We got married on the tiki bar at the Venus Lounge. It was .. heh heh ... money, baby!

              2. What about UWink in Hollywood and Highland Center? The food is reasonable and they have happy hour drink specials week days until 7. Certainly a unique dining experience.

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                1. re: designjb

                  Unique? Well, I guess so. The computers run out of fun in about fifteen minutes -- if you're into computer games you'd be better off at Cyber Java or C&C.

                  I don't drink so I can't speak to that, but good food? Fuggeddaboudit.

                  1. re: maxzook

                    Yeah, gotta say, it sounds like a lot of marketing concept sound and fury. Appreciate the thought ... we've got friends who would dig it but we're flying solo that night and are looking for funky fun over concept.

                    And, of course, fun only counts if the food's there too ...

                2. Gardens of Taxco, 1113 N Harper Ave., West Hollywood, CA 90046; (323) 654-1746

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                  1. re: MaxCaviar

                    Oh, I dig Gardens of Taxco. We're doing their website and just loved the place when we've been, like going into a time machine to all the "family" restaurants my folks used to frequent when I was a kid, only with better food. It's a little chill for this night, but thanks!