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Sep 14, 2008 07:57 PM

Best Restaurant in Fort Worth?

Dallas foodies planning to spend one night in Downtown Fort Worth -- where should we go? We have been to Reata and thought it was good, but not great -- liked the old location better.

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      1. re: cwarmi

        We are strongly leaning towards Lanny's -- their regular menu looks great, but have you tried the tasting menu/wine pairings?

        1. re: strong95

          I have only had the tasting menu/wine pairings once and that was their opening weekend so I don't think it was very representative of the experience now. The wine was South American focused and there was even a Mexican wine thrown in so. I am kicking myself for not putting Lambert's on my list, especially if you will be around for Sunday brunch, their buffet is awesome.

      2. I really like Reata but haven't been there many times and never to their old location.

        The best I have been to in FW is Lonesome Dove, Tim love place in the stockyards. It is ridiculously good. Their beef tenderloin just melts in your mouth. I know Tim Love is all the rage, and truthfully I thought it was getting way overhyped and then went their for the first time last year and was very very impressed. If you are going to one restaurant in Fort Worth, I would say that Lonesome Dove should be your place.

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        1. re: foodiedfw

          I have to respectfully disagree. For "Texas Cuisine", Lambert's and Bonnell's are WAY better than Lonesome Dove. There is a reason that Lonesome Dove in NYC and Duce failed miserably, the food isn't very good. Tim Love is all marketing, no chef.