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Sep 14, 2008 07:37 PM

Pizza places that use fresh mozzerrella.. No shredded garbage please..

Greetings all.. A post I made in the Panago thread got me thinking...

It is amazing how much more I enjoy a pizza when it has fresh mozzerella cheese on it as opposed to the typical bagged, pre-shredded, greasy garbage that 95% of all pizza places use. I rarely eat pizza, and I am pretty sure that this is the reason why. Because when I have a pizza made with quality cheese, I wish I could eat it every day. When I think of Pizza Pizza or anywhere else, I cringe at the thought of it for dinner.

I am by no means a cheese expert, so let me quickly refer you to this post

If "bocconcini" is in fact different than just "fresh mozzerella" then I cannot tell the difference -- either one of these is what I am after.

With my limited knowledge of "good eats" spots around the GTA, only 3 pizza places even come to mind when I try to think of a place I can get a PROPER pizza margherita from, probably my favorite pizza because the cheese is one of the main stars.

One place is Pizzeria Libretto, of course -- which I definitely like, and I don't expect anyone else to have as nice of a wood-fired thin crust as they do, but I can live without a perfect crust as long as they have quality toppings.. One is Terroni, which is too pretentious from my experiences there, and I don't think they even do take out (do they?) and one is Peroni's pizzeria in Mississauga (from Restaurant Makeover)... Their "gimmick" is using "spelt" crust which is some kind of low-gluten grain.. I really don't see a noticeable difference with that but what they DO use for their margherita is fresh bocconcini cheese. They take it out in front of you from the liquid, hand slice it, and place it appropriately on the pizza.. and let me tell you, when its fresh out of the oven, its super stringy and chewy and is pretty tasty... it is my local spot alot of times because I actually live in Brampton/Mississauga

So this is my "appeal" I guess to most of you downtown people, or anywhere else in the GTA. Where have you gotten sliced, not grated, fresh mozzerella on your pizzas before? I am always looking for good alternatives to the 3 places I mentioned above, especially so I'm not always travelling out of my way neccessarily from my regular downtown chores to those specific locations

I know you guys will have something for me... I look forward to your comments


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  1. the dominion (yes...the grocery store) on Eglinton and Martingrove has very good pizza and will use bocconcini if you request it

    only this dominion makes a good pizza from my experience.

    it's cheap and very good

    1. i think you should make a trip to Oakville and check out Stoney's Bread Company..their pizza's are amazing..
      Actually I've never had a bad thing's probably my favorite local place! Sandwiches are the best I've had, and Sunday brunch is ridiculous! Amazing!
      ..but their pizza's are worth checking out..

      323 Kerr St, Oakville, ON L6K3B6, CA

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      1. re: burlgurl

        Oh nice, Kerr Street

        I go to the Agabi medeterranian restaurant there all the time (love the shawarma and souvlaki!)

        Thanks for the reccomendation -- will be trying that very soon

        1. re: duckdown

          if you do make it there, pick up one of the carrot cake cupcakes..i'm not a sweet person, but those things are worth trying once!

      2. Fresh mozzarella has been the standard in nyc and new haven pizza places for years, even the chains (Patsy's) wouldn't use the prebagged shredded stuff. i was in amato the other day having a conversation with the boss about fresh mozzarella and he shrugged and said that it would be too cost prohibitive.

        thanks for the tip on libretto.

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        1. re: nyctransplant

          Exactly -- some absolute moron on another forum actually tried saying that my post here about fresh mozzerella vs. pre-bagged stuff was "snobby" and "hoity toity"

          Just another instance of Torontonians more worried about stuffing anything they can find down their gullet rather than taking the time to find a place using quality ingredients... Kind of pathetic really

          I wish we could get some of these NYC pizza places expanding here in to Toronto -- they'd have the competition beat easily because of their cheese alone

          At least someone agrees with me :)


          1. re: duckdown

            For heaven's sake duckdown, haven't you been to Via Allegro yet? It is your cheese dream come true.

            By the way, the more food (in this case, cheese) is processed (preshredded) the more potentially dangerous it becomes - take it from me, one who just recovered from food poisoning! (I knew there was a reason I don't read or post on other food forum websites!)

            By the way, if ever you do a road trip, there's a wood burning pizza place in remote downtown Kitchener called City Cafe Bakery - cash only, and they also make Montreal-style bagels.

            1. re: Food Tourist

              Actually that is one I have heard alot about but have not made it there -- it is on my "to visit" list but I'm often just passing by on the way home from running errands so take-out is what I normally prefer (but of course good pizza does not travel well so I eat it right away)... do they do take out there

              You are absolutely right, everything these days is processed or prepared somehow, I'm trying to go with simple is best

              I actually have a grandmother living in retirement home in Kitchener so I travel there as often as possible -- I will definitely try to locate City Cafe Bakery on google maps and see if its anywhere near where I usually go to

              Cheers :)

              1. re: duckdown

                Whole foods makes a decent pizza at their counters in-store.

                1. re: pancake

                  Interesting; I pass by the whole foods in Oakville whenever I'm out that way, I will have to check that out. They use fresh mozz. you say? Thanks for the heads up :)

        2. Mercurio's on Bloor near St. George does good pizza with fresh whole mozzarell, sliced...pricey, though...

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          1. re: LJS

            Perfect, added to my "must visit" list :)

            I expect to pay a premium for a pizza made with quality ingredients -- I just hope they do take-out

            Thanks, and cheers :)

            1. re: duckdown

              They do SOME take-out at lunch-time or at least they do for one of the women in my office: she phones ahead and goes to pick up. However, they actively discourage you hanging around to pick up at lunch time.. its quite a spiffy white-table cloth place and I don't think they do take out at all at night, when a totally different 'vibe' takes over the restaurant.