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Sep 14, 2008 07:06 PM

Linkwood Single-Malt

I had a taste of Linkwood single-malt (that I thought was very good!) recently while on vacation in Scotland. It is from Speyside.

Does anyone know much about it? How available is it in the U.S.?

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  1. Linkwood is great. I've had some fantastic Linkwoods. It's a Speyside, but a rugged one. The first time I had it, I would have pegged it as a Northern Highlander.

    The distillery bottlings of Linkwood, part of the Diageo Flora & Fauna series, are unfortunately not exported to the US. There are a number of independent bottlings of Linkwood that are available here. I found seven on the Binny's website, but pretty pricey:

    One of the harder to find malts, but worth the effort.

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      Thanks for the info! I will have to take a look for it when I am back in Scotland next year.

      1. re: DavidT

        Also, D&M carries independent bottlings of Linkwood. Check out:

        1. re: zin1953

          Thanks, I live in SF not far at all from D&M and will stop by to take a look. I did see the same bottling offered on the John Walker & Co. website, but when I stopped in there today it was not in stock on the shelves.

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            Could you describe the Linkwood? I have not had it yet and would love to hear your impression. Next time I am downtown (DC) I will check out my two favorite stores and see what selection they carry.

            Always looking to try new single malts.


            DC ScotchChick

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              As SKU noted, Linkwood is a more robust and flavorful than many Speyside malts, some of which can be a little on the bland side.

              I do not know if I was served a distillery or an independent bottling..