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Sep 14, 2008 07:02 PM

Menu ideas needed

My husband and I are going to visit some friends in the Twin Cities this weekend, and are looking for ideas for a Saturday night menu. These are very good friends who we used to cook with all the time when we lived in the same city, and we're celebrating both the visit and the fact that I recently passed the bar and have become a real, live lawyer (watch out, world)! We've been all over the place trying to plan our Saturday evening meal, so I thought I would put it to the Chowhounds!

The items need to be obtained in a grocery store - no time to mail-order. We have three very skilled cooks, one excellent assistant to chop things and wash dishes, and two more friends to bring the dessert and wine.

So what do y'all think we should make? What would you make?

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  1. I'll try to think of some ideas and post tomorrow but you shouldn't have any problem finding ingredients in the Twin Cities by the way. I've shopped at the Whole Foods and Kowolskis (sp?) there and was able to find pretty much anything I needed, with a couple of exceptions. If you like, I'll find the thread for you where I got lots of great shopping advice from local hounds. My one caveat - which is only based on those two stores - is that the seafood available was less than great.

    P.S. Congratulations, by the way - it's about 7 years now since I took the bar.

    1. Byerly's...I may have misspelled it, but they have prime beef. The NY strips are unreal. You will find everything else you need there, no problem. The store is really magnificent, carpeted and chandeliers.

      1. This time of year is a great time for stone fruits, melons, tomatoes, and possibly still some great corn. I'd fire up the grill, and keep it simple since nature has already perfected some possibilties for you. Sure, it might not take forever to make, but when tomatoes and corn are perfect, what more do you need to do with them?


        Bruschetta on grilled bread rubbed with garlic. Maybe toss a plum or nectarine into it?

        Tomato and mozzarella salad. (some nice shaved prosciutto with this?)

        Grill up some steaks, corn, and zucchini planks

        Dessert for me would be a fruit salad with the year's best watermelon/cantaloupe, honeydew, and white flesh peaches.

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          Love this menu. I'd just add a high quality sorbet to the fruit. Yummy.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions - I think we are going to do a caprese salad for sure (they have garden tomatoes) and then see what looks tasty at the store. Some grill action is definitely in order though!