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Sep 14, 2008 06:38 PM

In search of the best fried chicken in Durham-Chapel Hill

Where do people go for authentic, Southern fried chicken that's not from Bojangles?

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    1. What's wrong with Bojangles'? Is it too spicy?

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      1. re: sarahUNC

        I guess I'm interested in non-chain establishments. So KFC's out too!

        1. re: ecofoodie

          FWIW, Bojangles' is a NC-based company (the Triangle restaurants are owned by a local franchise, corporate headquarters are in Charlotte) and the chicken is fresher (comes in fresh, not frozen and is breaded in the restaurant right before cooking) than some smaller (though non-chain) establishments that bring in the chicken either frozen or frozen and pre-breaded.

          Many small and/or "non-chain" places use the same vendors as the big chains (Sysco or Monarch, for example). I've worked in a few mom & pop establishments that got their chicken in frozen and fried it up, along with frozen mozzarella sticks and onion rings. The fact that it was a non-chain restaurant did not insure that I was getting a better quality product. Therefore, if supporting a NC-based business is an option and will provide a better quality product, I would choose that option instead of automatically writing them off because they are a chain.

          If the objection is to chains (as I completely understand), then I would hope that a preference for more local, better quality food is the guiding factor. Personally, I prefer to eat in establishments that use as much local food as possible. I try to avoid the McDonald's, Chili's, Taco Bell's as much as the next foodie. However, the fact that a restaurant is not a chain does not guarantee to me personally that the food is automatically of a higher quality or better tasting. I've learned to ask if certain products are made "in house" because if they aren't, I'll pick something else that is (still on the lookout for house made stuffed jalapenos).

          Sorry for the thread hijack---it's a pet peeve of mine (automatically writing off some chains) and I'm always curious to know why people automatically say no to a certain restaurant's food when asking a question here.

          Just my 2 cents ;)

      2. In Durham, try Hog Heaven, Bullock's, or the Shrimp Boat.

          1. re: dfilpus

            shudder. You'll be *much* better off going to "a chain" than here. This makes me sad, because 20 years ago it was *gooooood*. Now it isn't.

            1. re: dfilpus

              Tourist trap. WAY over-rated. Not worth the visit.

              As bbqme said, Hog Heaven, Shrimp Boat or Bullocks, probably in that order.

            2. Lately I've been a big fan of the fried chicken at Acme in Carrboro.