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Sep 14, 2008 06:08 PM

Seafood In Seattle

I will be in town for a few days and am looking for the must hit places for good seafood. looking for recommendations for a lunch and a dinner. i lived up in the area a few years back so not looking for the usual tourist places( Ivars etc). obviously hitting salumi for a lunch but there is still one lunch slot to fill.

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  1. Matt's in the Market (for the catfish sandwich), Jack's Fish Spot (in the market), Pacific Inn Pub (downwtown Fremont for the best fish and chips), Paseo's (Fremont ave.- for the prawn or sea scallop sandwich!!) & Shiro's(fresh sushi- downtown)

    1. I adore the Flying Fish in Belltown ( It has great atmosphere and a diverse menu with plenty of seafood options. I love their Thai crab cakes and steamed clams for appetizers. The king salmon salad is also excellent. I've not had the cod fish & chips, but they look really good. One really cool thing about Flying Fish is that you can order their "platters" if you have a party of 3-4 or more. This is a great way to taste a variety of different seafood.

      1. Flying Fish is definitely worth a visit, maybe a bit trendy for seafood purists.
        For the most consistent treatment of the NW standards, and a few absolutely classic originals, it is still tough to beat Ray's Boathouse. The Kasu Blackcod is one of those preparations that is simply art in your mouth.