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Sep 14, 2008 05:52 PM

Favorite lamb stew recipe--on the light side!

I have a few pounds of lamb stew meat in the freezer--and I want to do something tasty and flavorful. I love tagines, and I love spicy-- but not tooheavy--

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  1. Lamb Casserole - Moroccan with Fruit
    Broil both sides and cube 2# lean lamb. Sauté 2 ch onions, 2 m cloves garlic, add ½t ea powdered ginger, curry, cinnamon, salt, cook until spices are fragrant. Combine in Creuset casserole with meat, 1 unpeeled chopped apple, 12 ea dried apricots, pitted prunes, stemmed figs, ¼c raisins, 19(28)oz can tomatoes ½d and juice, 1c white wine, braise.

    Lamb & Veg Stew – to serve 7 people & 7 dogs before watching Westminster KC 2007
    The day before, brown in olive oil scant 4# lean lamb; remove to Dutch oven. Sauté 1# ch onions, 3 garlic minced. Deglaze skillet w 1c white wine; add to casserole w 1½# carrots chunks, 2c veg cocktail or tomato juice, oregano, thyme & bk ppr. Simmer until carrots begin to soften. Add 250g frozen okra cut into ⅓s, 300g ea frozen beans & peas, 6oz marinated artichokes drained, 2 lg handfuls sundried tomatoes cut into 1” pieces. Refrig overnight; pick off any fat risen to surface, gently reheat, simmering until frozen veg are tender, ~1/2 h; adjust seasoning. Served w dolmades as appetizer, homemade garlic toasts & mashed potatoes, red or white wine; winter fruit salad & tiramisu as desserts.