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Sep 14, 2008 05:03 PM

Any acceptable restaurants in Cancun????

Since i haven't heard from anyone on this board am i safe to assume that there are NO good restaurants in Cancun - Please Please Please someone tell me there is something in the area that we can eat at - I don't care if we have to travel by bus/taxi - but we need some recommendations since we will be there for a week -
Of course our preference would not be Cancun, but a timeshare came thru for us and we couldn't turn it down (and since we're going the busiest time of the year since I'm a teacher and have to travel druing President's week) we were quite limited....
sooooooo, please please help -
Love all ethnic foods, love eating where the locals eat, don't mind spice at all - the spicer the better...

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  1. Hi Helen, I report about Cancun on my blog a lot -

    I would recommend: Marakame, which now has 2 locations (1 in hotel zone, and 1 in downtown Cancun), Taj Mahal - Their Palak Paneer is quite good.

    1. in tre old town they have a wonderful restaurant with seafood specialties--you would have to ask around--I don't remember the name--

      1. Hello when I firt read your post I had just been back from Cancun and I don't know what to tell you ! The Me by Melia hotel is having a festival called Celebrity cooks and every month at the Beach House and at their Silk restaurant they will feature a special menu by some of Mexico's most talented chefs. I heard that the Aqua Hotel is consulted by Martha Ortiz or Patricia Quintana. I ate at a place called John Grey's downtown the food was good but not particularly what you would expect for traditional cuisine from the area it's more continental well executed food. They have two more locations.Their selection of Mexican wines is very good . I also had amazing Lechon tacos (suckling pig) the thing is that they open at 3 am I don't remember where they are but I can find out.

        1. Los Almendros....and i wouldn´t mind going to Cancún, beautiful beaches, the archeological sites, cocina yucateca, it´s heaven,.... expensive but heaven.

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            Hi again
            Thanks so much for the info -I will take your reply with me on vacation -
            thanks again....can't wait already....

          2. Well, what kind of restaurant are you looking for? High-end? Taco joints? Bars?

            I like La Habichuela for a more expensive dinner (at least for me). It's downtown. For seafood, my favorite is El Timon Jaracho, but it's pretty far into the city (on Lopez Portillo at the intersection of Comcalco).

            For seafood in the Hotel Zone, Fish Frittanga, which is by the lagoon just across from the police station. For just your basic tacos and beers, El Poblano, which now has several (five I can count off the top of my head, and I think a few more) in downtown Cancun. A couple of other places for tacos: El Piemonte, El Asador, and Los Arcos, which are all next to each other on Yaxchilan.

            Mexicans generally don't make the actual food spicy, rather it's the heat of the chiles they use for salsa. Yucatecans make something called xni-pek (nose of the dog), which is super spicy, with habanero, red onions, and lime.