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Sep 14, 2008 04:45 PM

Micheladas of San Diego

I had an amazing breakfast Michelada this morning with the Masa Assassin Family at Los Koras. I slurped it down - it was so satisfingly refreshing. It got me thinking where can I get more? I really liked the Godoy verison too.

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  1. What makes it a breakfast Michelada as opposed to the regular Michelada at Godoy -- ie: lime, chili, salt, beer?

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      1. re: kare_raisu

        Beer in the morning!?

        KR, you're speaking my language now.

        I was at my local neighborhood market the other day and they had Michelada mix in a syrofoam cup -- all you needed to do was add beer.

        I didn't pick one up because it was morning and I was there to get eggs for breakfast, but now I see I've let us all down.

        Only Michelada I've ever had was at Godoy and then at "The Frisky Squid" in Puerto Vallarta.

        1. re: Ewilensky

          does anyone know who sells these cups??? My sister had some of these in San bernardino CA ..I live in Seattle and Im dying to find someone who sells these cups. THey are sooo GOOD! Today my sisiter told me the store no longer has these...and she cant find them either...I made a call a long time ago in JAn and the guy Dominquex Foods said he made them and sold them but only locally....NOW I cant find his number!!

          1. re: thepenagirls3

            Were you ever able to find these cups? I live in the San Bernardino are and I have been looking like crazy for these cups.

            1. re: tobey9273


              YEs the owner shipps out right away and very nice !! tell him Andrea from Seattle gave the link!

                1. re: thepenagirls3

                  Ok Cool. Thanks. I actually live in yucaipa.

      2. It was fun eating brunch ! You are right the Michelada was yummi yummi!

        1. naive question...but...what takes a michelada to the next level? Choice of beer? proportion of ice? choice of chilli/hot sauce? quantity of salt?
          I had one at Maria Maria recently that was a pretty good rendition. I usually also get one at Mama Testa, and recall one at Hacienda de Vega couple of years ago, that was not as remarkable.
          Still, as a relative novice, it would be good to hear about the transcendent micheladas (and I do believe they make spectacular brunch drinks)

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          1. re: ipsit

            I had a really good one that Josh recommended me in San Francisco at Nopalito. They made it with their own homemade clamato and used a more premium beer - Lagunitas pils.

            But I think I like the regular made ones just as well - to me the proportions have to be just right to get it to the next level. Think salty, spicy, refreshing, effervescent, and sour from the time. Its always interesting to me when they add a swig of worstishire (sp) sauce or maggi.

            They are the best hangover drinks too - which may make them especially good tasting ;-)

            1. re: kare_raisu

              Lived in Mexico for 3 years; married to a Mexican.

              Here's our home Michelada recipe:

              Use a key lime to rim your glass in coarse salt first!

              - Dash "Salsa Inglesa" (aka Worcestshire)
              - Dash Tabasco
              - Dash Maggi
              - Juice of 1 key lime
              - Add 2-3 fingers of Clamato
              - Top with light beer-- I like Pacifico best.

              Some restaurants add black pepper. But this is about as authentic as it gets-- at least, if you listen to a Mexican from Guadalajara!

                1. re: linzertart

                  +1 on the recipe, but, por favor, Dos Equis Ambar for the beer! :)

                  1. re: Gypsy Jan

                    GJ, do you get Victoria or El Indio beer? If you do try it with one of those.

                    1. re: DiningDiva

                      I am on the lookout for both of those and haven't found them.

                      Here in Rosarito, the restaurants and markets are mostly, in my experience, dominated by two major suppliers (Grupo Modelo and ?).

                      So, a casual buyer can only find Sol (blech), Bud and Bud Lite mostly and in cans (double blech).

                      I know that Tapanco and the other El Nido restaurants, La Estancia, El Pescador and Splash serve Bohemia and Bohemia Oscura (yeah!).

                      1. re: Gypsy Jan

                        They may be not be distributed that far north. Too bad they're both pretty decent everyday beers. Montejo and Leon are also pretty good, but I know they won't be distributed in Baja

                        I like Bohemia too, and, surprisingly, I also like Carta Blanca. For some reason I find it refreshing on a hot day.

                        1. re: DiningDiva

                          Hi DD,

                          Here is a reply from one of my amigos:

                          "I got Victoria and Indio delivered from Corona so I know they're available in the Rosarito area, however, I would assume only at the Corona Modelorama stores. Isn't there one across from the Pemex in Primo Tapia? Talk to the manager and ask that he stock or special order a few cases. I've seen the Leon brand at Smart & Final."

                          1. re: Gypsy Jan

                            Having finally burnt out on Micheladas, the unofficial drink of Guatemala, I'd have to say a light beer like Corona is the better choice for a Michelada .. which is why Gallo works so perfectly.

                            IMO, it is about the tomato juice mixture and a more robust (i.e. good) beer detracts from that. The beer is there for the buzz. It a beer Bloody Mary, after all. Same concept where the vodka isn't competing with the tomatoe juice mixture.

                            One thing I've learned, and I'm sure you can do this in any Mexican joint, is if it is not on the menu, just ask if they have Micheladas.

                            And anyone who has a Bloody Mary with brunch or breakfast shouldn't find the concept of a michelada at breakfast that unusual.

                          2. re: DiningDiva

                            From another amigo:

                            "I have been told that Indio is only available in bottles from (and including) Sinaloa south on the mainland but that it is available in kegs all throughout the country. Moctezuma distributes it. Indio is one of the least interesting dark beers I've ever tasted; very low in alcohol and very little body.

                            Victoria is available in liters at the Extra convenience stores (supposedly owned by Modelo) and on the shelves at Sorianas and Leys over here.

                            I have only seen Leon at the supermarkets as well, usually unchilled in the liquor section in liters.

                            My favorite beers continue to be (in order of preference, at least THIS week) Chope Oscura, Chope Lager (both only availabe on tap), Negra Modelo, Bohemia (the lager style one), Leon, Pacifico, XX Ambar and then the really light lagers like Victoria, Pacifico Light, Tecate, XX, Tecate Light. Bringing up the rear is Sol and Indio.

                            Favorite light beer- Pacifico Light. Favorite bottled lager style-Bohemia. Favorite overall beer- Chope Oscura.

                            But I can tell you; drinking all these decent Mexican beers down here has my tastes rotating from month to month and situation to situation. Sometimes I prefer the Coors Light-like lightness of Tecate Light if we're out fishing or playing softball."

                            1. re: Gypsy Jan

                              I disagree about El Indio. No, it can't hold a candle to Modelo Negro but the low alcohol content makes it very drinkable when one is drinking multiple bottles of the stuff. I can't believe someone actually said they *like* Pacifico Light. Personally, for me, I think either Pacifico, regular or light, is the least interesting Mexican beer. But, you know, it's all a matter of taste, and sometimes time and place play into how well we like a particular brew :-)

                              Tell your beer drinking amigo to make an effort to try Cucapa if he hasn't already. Craft beer brewed in Mexicali in the style of the SD craft brewers. It's a young dude and his dad that began the business, but he's having to buck Cerveceria Modelo and Cerveceria Cuahuatemoc for distribution in Mexico. He's actually have better luck selling his beer in the U.S. Definitely worth seeking out.

              1. Cocteleria La Playita on Clairemont Drive makes a killer "Vampiro" with agua de camarĂ³n.