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Sep 14, 2008 04:43 PM

Need suggestions for mail ordering Hatch chiles

Hey y'all -- I wonder if anyone has ordered chiles from New Mexico and which source they may have used. Looking for recommendations. Would love to order some frozen whole and diced and maybe smoked -- thanks!

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  1. I ordered 10 pounds of Big Jims from on Saturday, they will arrive tomorrow. I'll post back when they're here! So far so good, their website accidentally added shipping charges even though I qualified for free, and they sent me an email within 24 hours (on a Sunday) saying it was a mistake and they would deduct the extra charges right away. I also ordered some other goodies from their site (chili powders, ancho pods). I paid way more than I would have when I lived in CO, but they just don't have the good stuff in NYC.

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      I just looked at this sight and ordered some red chili and Sadie's hot salsa, thanks for mentioning it!
      How did you get free shipping?
      I was lucky enough to find fresh Hatch green chili here in Northern Calif, but can't seem to find the red.
      I just may need to poney up the $$$ and get it from this source, huh?

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        Second these guys. Prices are reasonable enough, and the quality is excellent.

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          thanks, bookmonger, look forward to hearing your report!

        2. Is it possible to drive to the nearest Whole Foods and buy them in bulk? I've been contemplating a road trip to Boston area for this purpose. My brother sends me dried red chiles and red and green ground from New Mex. Hmmm, maybe he can send a case of green?

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. My frozen chiles and my chile accesories (hatch powder, habenero powder and a couple jars of double fire-roasted hatches) are all here! The frozen peppers were packed in plastic bags, surrounded by styrofoam. The packages were starting to defrost a bit by the time they got to New York, but they were still very cold and partially frozen. Overall, I had a pleasant experience with new mexican connection and would order from them again. Since I live in a small Manhattan apartment, it was worth it to get the pre-roasted.

              Warning on the habanero powder, if you choose to toss that into your cart as well--it is really, really hot.

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