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Sep 14, 2008 04:30 PM

Funnel cakes?

My wife is a little over 3 months pregnant at the moment, and one thing she has been craving is a funnel cake.

I'm looking for someplace that does funnel cakes (not in a county fair or other event like that). We live in Annapolis, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it!!

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  1. This is nowhere near Annapolis, but I saw it on the menu the other day at Reter's crabhouse in Reisterstown, MD.

    1. The last time I was at Marley Station, there was a funnel cake/ice cream place on the upper level above the children's play area (outside Sears, just follow the screaming).

      1. At our local Giand (and I believe Safeways) you can buy Funnell Cake mix. The mix comes in a bottle that you just add water to. The bottle has it's own funnel so that you just squirt this stuff into hot fat to make the cake. Truly, the whole process couldn't be simpler for when you just HAVE to have that funnel cake now!

        1. Well, I know you said not a county fair or other such event, but if you live in Annapolis, you're really close to the MD Renn Fest, which I believe has funnel cake...

          1. I have a vague memory of getting a funnel cake at the Amish Market in the Harbor Center when I was a kid. You might want to check on that.