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Sep 14, 2008 04:15 PM

Burmese fair...

The monks who live in Malden sponsored a family-oriented gathering of Burmese food, with some crafts and lots of visiting going on too! A Chowhound kindly alerted me to it, and the tip was much appreciated! The food was homey and noodle-y; some tempura-style "gourds" fresh out of the fryer, same for some spicy tofu - My DC, who is much more familiar with this kind of food can add more details. The monk came over to us to smile his welcome; others, who spoke English, also went out of their way to be very welcoming. We were apprehensive about the rain, but they had canopies and a small house, and the rain held off in the afternoon. One quick note if people happen to go next year - The food was gone by 2:30, so don't go late! So, back to my leftovers...

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  1. the chow included...

    - butheejaw (gourd tempura)
    - tohpu jaw (fried chickpea flour tofu)
    - samusa (vegetable samosas)
    - jarzanhingar (chicken soup with glass noodles, wood ear mushrooms, and boiled egg)
    - mohingar (fish chowder with rice vermicelli, finely chopped fritters, and boiled egg)
    - nanjeethot (rice noodle salad with chicken, chickpea flour, dried chilies, cilantro, fish sauce, and lime juice)
    - ohnokhoswe (curry chicken, wheat flour noodles, red onions, and cilantro in coconut milk broth)

    homey and flavorful burmese fare. food was assembled on long plastic tables under a large canopy. they also had a few small tables selling handmade crafts, spice packets, and fresh herbs. exceptionally friendly and hospitable crowd

    1. I just got a note from the Hound who tipped me on this - She only found out last night, and otherwise would have posted. She thinks the last one was a couple of years ago, but will post the next one if she can!

      1. Just saw this old thread (was looking at the thread for this years, 8 Oct 2011, Burmese food fair at the International Church)....several years ago we went to the Burmese fair at the Buddhist temple in Malden, and have want to go again, but we can never figure out how to find the dates. Does anyone know is it an annual event? About when in the year (I'm pretty sure the year we went it was held in July)? Any links or other ways of getting information?

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          is it this place: ? though it was apparently held on Sep 4th, and that seems a bit early judging by the OP's timestamp.

          is there a Burmese name for such a fair? I see "Niban Zay" in the link and on the temple's events calendar.

          1. re: tammyh

            thanks for the link, interesting...i had remembered it as being around 4th of july, maybe it was a Labor day.....I'll check with someone to find out about the "Niban Zay" and the Burmese text on the site, meanwhile,, the Burmese Christians always have their fair in October, this year it is on the 8th October 2011 at the International Church in Allston.

        2. Annual Burmese Food Fair
          International Community Church
          Oversease Burmese Christian Fellowship of Boston
          30 Gordon Street
          Allston 02134

          Saturday, October 8, 2011 4pm to 7pm

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            Two different fairs - The one in Malden (if that's the same one I went to a few years ago - has MUCH more variety!

            1. re: fredid

              definitely two different fairs....but I don't know how recently you've been to the one at the int'l church in Allston, we went last year and it had expanded considerably from earlier years. just in space alone their were atleast twice as many food tables as there had been a few years back.